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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, December 07, 2003 in
kia likhoun? can't think of anything. Dinky Mind ain't workin'. oopsss! waqai kuch samajh nahin aa raha kay kia likhoun.
o yeah, I remember. I have just completed a painting. It has three ice cubes in it, vertically made. Bas itni achi nahin bani, magar, shayad agar duur say daikhain to lagay kay waqai ice cubes hain (agar na lagay to abstract art hay !!! ;) )
So, today i heard almost all songs of "huqa pani". I mean half of side A and half of side B. And yeah, I said I'll comment on the songs once I listen to them. And one thing I noticed was that in all songs, his voice is totally changed! Never heard any singer like that. And now watching "with arms wide open". Uff..its such a good song.
today was my brother's birthday. Aray, I forgot, aaj zoixxx ki bhee birthday ki...O My God, I didn't call her. I'm becoming soo careless these days. Sab batain bhool jaati houn! God grant me piece and peace of mind!
So, today I went to Park Tower for some shopping. There I met my Economics teacher, who taught me in O Levels, Miss Uzma Laddakwala (shayad yehi naam hay). There she asked me my grades. I told her that I've got a big B in economics, at 88 %...urgh! She told me that Sarah has got an A. The only person of our batch who got an A. Sarah Afridi_ She is a real genius. She got 7 A* at GCSE, and now an A in GCE. Well, I dont know what she has got in Add Math. I hope an A. Now she'll definately get admission in Grammar.
After shopping, I went to The Dip Shop. uff...wahan ice cream itni heavy ho gai. Bas ab to do din khaanay ki chhutti ! But my parents won't let me do that. Aaj hee khitab mil gaya hay kuch ziada hee elegant honay ka. "seekh Silai". That's what my father has said to me
:( So these days my diet is revolving around CHEESE only; cream cheese, cheese triangles, cheese sqaures, cheese everything. Mujhay to lagta hay itni cheese kha kha ker main aik din "ajeeb cheese" ban jaoon gee.
Well, that's for today. kal tak kay liay ijazat dijiyay
Allah Hafiz, aur
Shab Bakhair!


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