New Type Of Grapes! :P

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What if you're standing under a Neem tree and these small green-yellow beads (or whatever you call them) fall down and make your way colorful (or messy, as Momo says it) in such a pleasant weather , would you call them GRAPES????

Meet our sweet Momo =) She thinks grapes grow on such high trees. Cute =D

Oh, and this best friend of mine mailed me this.
"Have fun on birthday, like a drunk person. seriously break everything,
shout and choke Bushi =D
it's just once a year!"

I seriously couldn't stop laughing for a good 10 minutes :D

Cheerio folks =D

PS: Roza lag raha hai, kia karoun? =(



We had a Neem in our house and then we chopped it down few years back just because of its "mess"

But I am sure that those aren't grapes, not even close. I am not sure what the exact name of those "grapes" in Urdu/English is but in local Punjabi we call them "Gandoliyaan" (plural) =D

BTW, Happy Birthday again :)

Haha, I really don't think they'd be called grapes :p

And Happy Birthday again. :)

~Vaq: Oh yeah, I've heard a similar name from one of my friends. And thankooo sho mush for wishing again =D

~Siras: To her they did seem grapes :D Lol. :D
And thankoo againnnn =D

Happy Birthday :D and dont even u dare touch Bushi :@

He got a good scolding session by me yesterday. He's becoming a naughty bacha day by day =(

Asma says:

i still love bushi :P

Now book him for my daughter to be :P

~Asma: Alors, comme tu veux! =D

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