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So today we went to our previous residence to check the condition of the house and meet our Chinese tenants. Since they are all bachelors (six or seven, I guess), they didn't decorate the lounges and also made the drawing room as their room. In the lounge upstairs, they had a cool Billiards table with all its equipment. It tempted me so much that when I saw my big bro walking out with one of the Chinese guy, Bushi and I climbed up the stairs and decided to try our hands on Billiards :D Bushi wanted to try first, but couldn't hold the pool stick properly. So I - acting like a pro - showed him how to polish the tip of the stick first and then how to position it between your fingers and how to eye at the balls properly and then gently hit. Lol. And he was listening to me so attentively, it now makes me laugh like anything! :D

With a few balls lying randomly on the table it seemed like somebody was playing it. And guess what, Bushi and I spoiled their game. Hahahah =D They must be cursing us now :P But it was fun. Wish I had taken my camera along so I could actually show you how I messed up the game and pocketed wrong balls :D

Cheerio amigos =D

PS: I missed setting up my Table Tennis table in the foyer. =( And that place was so deserted. =( I think I should advise those Chinese to get a Table Tennis table too. :P That'd be a whole lot fun then :D

PPS: In the past 30 hours, I've slept for only an hour and a half. I might act all weird, so please don't mind :P



You're having a lot of fun these days :/ woh bhi without me. Tch tch tch

Lol. I'm just warming up. Baqi fun to I'd have when you'd be here na :P

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