Funjabi Invitation =D

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And this cover cracked me up!!!! =D

Although I couldn't understand the whole invitation card. Took me a good time to read, but it was worth reading :D



What the frig ?!
I can sort of read :$ .. The names yes, the Timings =P, and oh Bismillah too :D :D

The rest, hahahahaahahhaha! =$

and oh the cover says .. Janaab Kudoood Sahab and the second line "with family" =P ?

ایک مہنے پہلے پوسٹ ہو جاتا یہ کارڈ تو ہم بھی قدوس صاحب بن کر ایک شادی کھا کھو لیتے

lolsssss huda.... thats all u need anyways ;)

timing and where

u dont even need the names of bride n groom ;)

lols @ duffer

~Huda: Lol @ Kudoood :P He's Quddus :P Seems more that kaddoo :P

~Duffer: Haye, afsos :P

~YWB: Lol :D That's why I posted it now :P

meri samajh mein kuch bhi nahi aaya...
kuch bhi nahi :(

I meant kudoos okay,
since d and s are right next to each other =(
Typoo =( but I can read, okay? =(

"akhiyaan vichan wale saare karr waley" ...R.S.V.P. lollzer

~AD: Ask a funjabi friend to read it for you :P

~Huda: Lol. Me knows :P

~Brok3n: Hahah.. Did you read that "Naal meray payn pra"... Über cute! :D

hahha yeaa! whats interesting is that its actually from someone in Karachi?!..

Chumpoo says:

Allah karay tumhari shadi kisi punjabi se ho aur tumhara bhe ayasa he card chapay, Ameen :D

Chumpoo says:

by the way you should hide the contact numbers. Its like violating the privacy.

~Brok3n: Lol. Yeah :D Interesting na :P

~Chumpoo: Lol. Allah rehem karay. It could turn out to be a qubooliat ki ghari. So shhh :D

it took me 15 minutes to readand understand the invitation
tough time ... must say :P

But it was worth reading, no? :P

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