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Animator vs. Animation by ~alanbecker on deviantART

Thanks Ayaz =)



BiYA says:

LOL!!!!! this is sooooo amazing......Bohat maza aya dekh ker.....I wonder if this happen in real too.....did you go for shooting today????

You didn't see this before ??

is ka part 2 bhi hai woh bhi dekho!!

haha amusing!

brilliant, I have also seen many other graphics in the same format....

nice one

can any one email me part two or others.


~Biya: Was waiting for you :@

~Ubaid: Haan? Send me the link

~brok3n: Oh yeah :D

~KZ: I've just 2 of them like this one before

~AliBaba: Thanks for liking :)


ROFL! This was awesome! I loved the cloning bit! =P

oh i love it :D

Chumpoo says:

Sab batain choro.. mithai kahan hay?? :P

~Chumpoo: Please wait, I'll write a separate post on it soon =)

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