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So on Saturday we had a get together @ Roasters. We all were reading the menu cards and were deciding which steak to eat. So, I asked Farwah, sitting next to me, about what she's ordering. She wanted a brownie, and I was confused between steak and cheeseburger.

Farwah: Okay people, I'm ordering a brownie
Dinky Mind: And I'm ordering Dunhill Regular.
Farwah: Oh, is it good? How much does it cost?
Dinky Mind: *gets the worst laughter fit* :D

And then I called out Ritz, who was sitting beside Farwah and didn't hear the joke. Farwah put her hand on my mouth and glared, "Do NOT!". Hahaha... But mein kahan ruknay wali thi. :D I told everyone about it! And it turned out to be an awesome evening. =D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Oh, and I ordered Jalapeno Bacon Cheeseburger, in case you're thinking :P And had Choco ice-cream with waffles. =D



Okay, I read your post right after I woke up :/

Mon estomac grogne =(

*cries* :(

Awww, you can go have a healthy, wholesome breakfast now =$
Hope your stomach gets well soon :P

ooooooooooh i love their wild mushroom chicken steak!

and yes the strawberry lemonade with it :D

Hahaha. :D

~AD: Will try it next time :P

~Siras: I've got a lot of "tube-light" friends :P

somebody's having fun ;)

Hmmmm, yeah :P

Anonymous says:

long live the steak!

~Farooq: Next time may be =D
And welcome to my blog =)

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