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In these 4 years of my university life, I've noticed a lot of people who would do anything - just anything - to distract or disturb you while you're taking an exam. God knows why the hell they do that.

That day, I had this major exam of mine. We were quietly seated in the examination hall, waiting for the paper. There were 6 girls (including me) and some 25 guys in the room. And unfortunately all the distracting guys were seated around me. The one on my right started playing with his fingers, and then he started styling his hair. The guy in front of him had some problem with his legs. Why can't these guys keep their darn legs straight? His legs were constantly vibrating, although the invigilator had asked if anyone of us needed to go to spend a penny. He seemed to be planning to spend dimes. Silly souls! *sighs*

On the other side of me was a guy busy chewing his nails. After every round of chewing nails, he would look at them and wonder if he had chewed a little more or needed to chew the whole finger or... whateva! The guy in front of me kept scratching his back and positioning his collar. Once he even checked his back pockets and then continued scratching his back. I wonder what he was trying to do. I really wished to get up and slam my fist on his desk and roar what a perfect jerk he was! Grrr!

The guy sitting behind me wanted to prove that he was a better jerk than the guy sitting in front of me. He started tapping his foot on my chair. This thing pisses me off so badly... I turned around a little, but didn't care to look straight in his eyes and warn him. Thankfully he stopped, but after exactly a minute, he started again. I positioned myself on the chair to give him a clue that I'm getting disturbed. But such morons never understand. At last I turned around and gave a good keep-your-stupid-feet-to-your-own-chair glare. Finally his akhrot mind understood it and he stopped it. *sigh*

Female candidates aren't that distracting (probably because the guys in the room weren't 1% smart) :P. I noticed these 2 girls seated a lil far away from me, but both were sitting quietly and calmly waited for the question paper. The guys, on the other hand, started scrtunizing their pencils and clicked the pens. O bhai, stop acting like deprived kids of third world countries and, for heaven's sake, stop clicking pens!!!

Thank God, the exam started after a few minutes, or I would have gone nuts sitting among such people.

Cheerio folks =)



hahaha, il ressemble à vous prêtaient l'attention aux personnes autour de vous plutôt que devenant nerveux ! : O. Je freak habituellement dehors quand je suis sur le point d'obtenir le papier d'examen ..

J'ai juste réalisé que je suis finalement le premier à commenter ! Hurray !

~Huda: Je sais cet étais mon défaut. Probablement j'ai été aussi ennuyé et ai été commencé remarquer les gens environ. Haha.

Les félicitations sur est le premier commenter sur cette poste. :P

That my dear is called exam tension :p

hahahhaa, i used to drink lots of water when i was nervous, or look around to a cool view which you get in alevel examination halls ;)

or the best part is i am very friendly :D so i used to do friendship with the left and right sided people, and somehow in every single paper they were girls :s

khair, i hope the papers are going fine!!

~Ubaid: Why don't girls get that tensed? Guys are silly, haina? :P

Lucky you, you always got to sit among nice girls :P who would even become your freinds :P

Papers are going awful. Last semester and I don't feel like studying. I just want to get over with it :~/

oh and all of this doesn't happened during the exam but before it? Give the lil kiddies a break umemoooo.

And they are kind of third world's deprived kids, no?


Thank God I get busy during exams :P Werna wo bhee likhti. During exams to invigilaors ziada tung kertay hein :P

LOL, I start to notice people when I don't know how to do a question and I keep staring at em while they are working .. thinking how the heck do they know how to do this,when we never got to do this one! :P

I so agree to this .. invigilators are the most annoying creatures during exams :)

BTW explain what ppl ae doing in pic 2 too :P

"The one on my right started playing with his fingers, and then he started styling his hair." <--- If he was styling his hair, why were u looknig at him :P, nae daikho

"The guy in front of him had some problem with his legs. Why can't these guys keep their darn legs straight? " <--- this is being nervous, learnt to deal with it, infact khud be karo :P and I have seen many girls do it too :P

"On the other side of me was a guy busy chewing his nails. " <-- again nervous

"On the other side of me was a guy busy chewing his nails. " shud have avoided looking at him :P

"He started tapping his foot on my chair. " <--- this was the only genuine excuse :P

so hence conclusion u were nervous urself thats why u were looking around and getting annoyed :P

tsk tsk emo :P

PS: I am so dead

alert alert!!
IoBM Test POST Coming up!!


Haha... thats part of exam, how well u can do while being distracted :D

~Huda: Invigilators here don't allow us to move our necks by even 20 degrees :~/

~Asma: They're just cheating. Aap ko kia laga? :P

~Acro: That guy was styling his hair in a very ajeeb way, wanted everyone to notice him and his not-so-stylish hair :/
They made us wait for about an HOUR!!!! Ab in that time I couldn't have put myself to sleep. I had to do something, so I started noticing people (and not 'taroofying') :P

~Jingo: Hahaha... I didn't plan to but I might write a post on it :P

~JonyBr: Yeah =( Why do exams have to be so stressful? :~/

Haha. Give the becharey deprived bache a break. :P

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