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I have fallen in love with this song! Just lie down on a single-seater, close your eyes and listen to this song with the earphones glued to your ears. Ahhhh... That's how I do it =)

Aaj when I was having my Auditing exam, this song got badly stuck to my mind, and I was like, "Argh!!! Get out of my mind!!!". And that's why my exam didn't go well *sobs* The whole class was busy cramming their answer copies, and I was sitting with my face cupped in my hands, checking for the umpteenth time whether I have attempted all questions or not. *sigh* I didn't even read or re-read (as our invigilator uncle suggests) my answers, cuz that's not me! I find it really boring! I did attempt all the questions, but didn't write that much. Auditing is a filthy theoretical course. I like courses which are calculation based with a flavor of theory. Darn! Ab to ho gaya! I should be happy I'm going to be graduated. Yayyyy :D

Okay, enough of uni rants. Coming back to the song, I like Atif Aslam's voice. Ummm, and a few of his songs are really really, like REALLY nice. Hehehe. And after two years of the release of this song, I heard it yesterday for the first time, and totally loved it! *Sigh* Dinky Mind - tubelight wali! =$

I remember when Atif Aslam started his career, Lala was a big big fan of his songs. And I only liked "Aadat" by him, which SN forced me to hear. Lala knew about all of his songs, and would recommend me many of them. But Dinky Mind was a very busy bee in those days. *another sigh*. Anyway, enough of this Atif Aslam ki achaiyaan. The thing is I like this song, and to be honest, I haven't heard any other track of this album *huge SIGH*.

Okay, okay, okay, recommend me good books, novels, magazines, whateva. Tomorrow's my last exam and I want to prepare myself well for the vacations :P Oh, and please help me where can I find Rubik's cube here. I just can't find it in any of the gift shops or book stores =(

And today I survived 2 road accidents! Thanks to the powerful brakes of my car, else I would have collided in that idiotic cultus which was being driven by an ultra idiotic, blind moron! And then when I got into the colony, this Prado uncle tried his level best to thoonkafy his mad jeep in my cutie car. Bucking fastard! Okay, I admit I'm short, and you guys can hardly see me, but helloooo.... itni bari gaari to nazar aati hay naaaaa??? *sigh* may Allah give sight to such blind nuts! Ameen

Okie people, I'm off. Got last paper tomorrw of Treasury and Funds Management! Such a silly course! :/

Cheerio folks =)




My biology exam was soooo bad!! :( :( *Criess*

I think I am ganna fail :( ..

and tomorrow is my last exam too ;) Calculus ..
Then we shall party ! (H)

what are you studying larki AUDITING, it sounds smiliar to my field...

and hey do one thing listen to


this... acha mujhey atif aslam ka kapkapi bohat pasand hai!!

and don't worry inshallah you'll pass, woh bhi with flying colors :)

and oh yeah you aren't following me on either flickr nor twitter =/

He is AWESOME live. -nod-

Atif Aslam... ahem ahem..... he is not one of us.... I hope you get my point =D

All the bestttt for the last one!!

Oh I love Atif Aslam's voice.. it's soooo dreamy.

Anonymous says:

Agree with the post above, Atif has such a dreamy voice :) Sorry sis, that's what short ppl like us has to deal with :( But hey, they don't own the roads even if they act like it! So keep your calm, and i'm sure ur exam went well :)

~Huda: I'm done with exams... Yayyyyyy :P

~Ubaid: Will listen to it soon. Abhi to light ne shakal dikhai hey :P
Why don't you follow me? :P

~brok3n: Oh yeahhhhhh =)

~Jingo-lala: I didn't :P

~Siras: Yeahhhhhhhhh =)

~Baq2life: I'm finally done with exams... Phew! :P

ghaol k pilana parhta hai ..

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