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So, the uncle who was checking my documents and certificates before the interview asked,

Uncle: "Tau Aap kis mein interested hein?"


Me: *bewildered* "Uh, I'm sorry?"
Uncle: *grins* "City Campus or Main Campus?"

Hahahaha. Totally cracked me up! :D



tsk tsk...
too bad of you!!
buree soch ka bura natija


where are you applying ?

jee...what were you thinking miss? =p

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han to aap kis may interested hain

~Jingoist: Uncle asked such a personal question :D Made me think to for long :P

~Ubaid: IBA.

~brok3n: Whose name should I take? :P

~KZ: The list goes on.... =D

hahahahaha. cranked me up :)

shukar karro naam nahi bata diyya :P

Hahaha, like Asma said, thank God you didn't give out a name. :P

~AJ: Imagine how I controlled my laughter :D

~Asma & Siras: I was just wondering whose name should I take :P I'm not used to such tricky questions :P

hahaha lolz!! :D

you should have said "Philip Kotler"

It shall come out straight from heart one day, My Girl!


Now how does it sound?

~Kamran: :D Long time, where ghaib?

~Vaq: He's a budha!

~Asma: Some day, when someone else would ask, it might :P *blushes* :D

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