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Dearest Papa

I'm proud and honored to to give this glad tidings to you. I don't have words to describe how I feel. Okay, well... I cleared the IBA test and interview. Alhamdolillah! I wish you were here. I wish I could celebrate my happiness with you. Seeing me getting into IBA, the best business school in the country, was your dream. You invigorated the spirit in me. I wish I could actually show you the results, discuss the idiotic paper with you and share with you how beautifully I messed up the paper and still managed to get a good score =)

When I came home after having that awful-est exam of my life, I wanted to share each and every question with you, I wanted to cry and see you getting a lil mad on me. I wanted to share stories about all those weird candidates who appeared in the test and how insaan-like they were looking when they came for the interview. Lol. Silly, no? =D

It's not that I don't share these things with Momma, it's just that I miss you, I miss your views, I miss your golden words, I miss sharing things with you. I miss just everything about you. You have no idea how badly I want you right now. Right now with ME. I've got tons of stories to share with you, and I need your opinion, your share on them.

On this big day of my life, I'm not a least bit happy. I don't feel this feeling in a true sense. My whole class is happy for me, my teachers, my fellow bloggers, my dearest siblings, and Momma of course. But I feel hollow. I need my motivator back. I need YOU back!


I'm proud of the fact that I took an initiative to make this of your dream come true. I hope I remain steadfast in these 2 years. And I hope I pursue my further studies/ work even more diligently.

I don't think I can write anymore now.

*Big hugs*


Umema A. Siddiqi, aka "Book Two"



Awww shucks!

nous tous sommes ici pour vous =( .. Je suis si heureux pour vous. Je vraiment ne sais pas vous vous sentez,mais j'essaye dur d'aider.

I wish you all the best :) et encouragez vers le haut please :D

Mai Allah donne un endroit à votre papa à Jannat-UL-Firdous.

Je t'aime <3


You really are a proud daughter of your dad Dinky :)
May his soul rest in peace!
BTW Mubrook goes to you too :)

Anonymous says:

Awwwwnn. :(
Okay, first off all, CONGRAAATTTSS!!
IBA- probably the biggest feat of your life! again CONGRAATS!
Allah will help you through it and now that you have gone this far, completing the rest of the journey will be easy too InshAllah.


congrats buddy..

Oh wow! Congrats! =D
And I'm sure your dad would be really VERY proud of you right now. :)

Congratz!!! I am sure he's very happy :)

P.S. have you done your high school from akhss??

Anonymous says:

congrats for IBA,
in my experience the love ones we lose are still in contact with us it's upon us how we feel about them even though they know what is happening in family & that's true happend with me several times,

Lucky man, your father, to have a daughter like you. :)


Just don't tell my mom, okay? ;)

He's already proud of u sweeties .. like look at the cookies u make ... I envy you totally for 'em :P

And now IBA .. masha Allah ... something tells me you'll come out of IBA after two years all proud and sure of urself (ahh only if you start facebooking a less :P )

**pats dinkum heady**

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