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I wish a happy Ramadan to all the Muslims. Tomorrow will be our first roza (hopefully). I pray Allah guides us all and showers His blessings on us. Ameen.

Now coming back to my rants. Momma has decided that there will be no Iftari scene this Ramadan. Just direct dinner! *cries like anything* I mean a dining table littered with every type of greasy stuff is something I want to have when I break my fast. And now we'll be having Daal, chawal, and fried aaloo after dates and a mug of milk! Nahhhh... Okay, I admit, Daal chawal aaloo is my favourite dish (add some achaar too :P) but this shouldn't be the iftar menu! Momma says we all are growing fat. And I've been recently given a new title by her: توپ کا گولہ *sigh* It is true I'm eating a lot these days and I do fear what will happen to me in Ramadan, but giving me such a name doesn't sound that good :( My tummy is getting outta control and I've been threatened that if I don't tone it up, I wouldn't be getting new dresses for my cousins' shadis :( She knows my weaknesses! *another sigh*

And this weekend was the worst as far as food is concerned. I ate a lot (okay, MashAllah se). I must've had a few gallons of chocolate, some half ton of potatoes (in the form of fries) and God knows how many kilolitres of oil! And before those ugly pimples start to pop up on my face, I better reduce my consumption of all this greasy stuff (plus chocolates etc). *triple sigh* God, save moi!

Pary for me pwease

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Uni starting from 15th. Finally!



Anonymous says:

Haha! توپ کا گولہ? Really?!

But considering the cautionary measures taken by your mom, I guess you'll be reduced to a بندوق کی گولی after this Ramadan. :P

Happy fasting!

Anonymous says:

Top ka gola?? hehe..you should listen to number of nicks I got from my imaginative mother whenever I used to gain weight :) and you'll feel privileged with just 'top ka gola'..

Anh Ramadan Mubarak dear Dinky Mind :) and hey, look at the brighter side...when you'll loose weight after continuous fating and proper diet, you will look gorgeous on Eid day :)

~ Saadat bhai: Nahi, ab aisi bhee koi baat nahi. We actually have a habit of exaggerating, werna I'm not even half as fat as a توپ کا گولہ :D

Let's see what happens cuz I actually grow fat in Ramadan. All thanks to the greasy stuff. But this time, the theme is "Direct Dinner and nothing else!", so I direly hope I reduce to a
گولی، اب چاہے بندوق کی یا سر درد کی


~ Lubz: Lol, I was once "football" too. :D And very lovingly she even used to call me "Mutallo" also. Ab taraqqi ho gai hay, hence, "toap ka gola" :D

Ramadan Mubarak to you too :) Aap ke muu mei chocolates jo aap ne aisi dua ki :P I just pray I do manage to reduce myself :D

Anonymous says:

I'm so so soo happy for you, goli =P

The world should eat lesser .. yay ... aur abhi yahan tu nahi aya ramadhan .. kal say Inshah Allah ..I'm wondering If I be shaheed after reaching home from office.

ramadhan calls for cutting out bad sleeping habits :)

~Asma: Lol yeah...:D Bus three more working days over here and then I'd enjoy my rozay at home :P

And remember, we gotta lose a good amount of weight. Shaadian coming up! Haye! Let's pray

Anonymous says:

me runs for some dua =D


top ka gola is a kick ass name
be happy

pleaseeee for GOD's sake may someone tell me that fried allus is a universal dish for all gals of the world? all gals i know (including my 2 sisters), they all eats alu. why??????

Anonymous says:

well i am planning the same thing *which i do almost every year in ramadan* hahahaha but when the time is closer to iftaar i start making all ma fav food that i am craving since morning n rit now i am craving for ice coffee....

Ramadan mubarak to u n ur family :D

Anonymous says:

@ Fadz no i HATE allu.....
ma husband trick me wid arvi... n i even believed him once huh :S

~Asma: Lol. Prays loooaaadsss :D

~Tazeen: Lol...Yeah, thanks for consoling :) And welcome to my bloggy :D

~Fadz: Because Aaloos are yummy :D And they are fattening too :/ Btw, welcome to my blog :D

~Khawab: Ice coffee?? Yumm yummm yummmm. Let's not talk about food right now :P Bilawajah roza kharab ho jai ga :P

Arvi? Lol...So how does arvi tastes? :P I once made fried teenday, and my bhabi thought they were fried aaloo and ate them all :D

This blog makes me feel a wholee lot better :D Thanks !

~Uni: Welcome to my bloggy : I'm glad uou liked my blog :) Keep visiting

Anonymous says:

Ma`m kidhar hein app ???

Anonymous says:

~Jingoist: Bus yahein :D

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