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Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, August 29, 2008 in
Il n'y a pas de raison particulière pour écrire cette poste en français. Ou probablement je suis trop heureux, cela est pourquoi j'essaie d'exprimer mon bonheur en français. Hehe. De toute façon, je posterai plus de lui bientôt, bien sûr dans l'anglais. Je posterai des images aussi.

Avoir un bon jour.

Au revoir, mes amis =)



Anonymous says:

Je suis Pakistanais, jeune soeur. Je ne parles pas Francais. :(

~Saadat bhai: Lol. C'est drôle. Essayer plus et vous l'apprendrez bientôt :)

Anonymous says:

The only thing I hate about french is that it sounds like french! hehe

~ Safiullah: And that's the only thing I like about french. It's so unique, so like listening to an Amreeki Pushto :D

Without using google translator and using only common sense, here's what I think your post means =P:

I don't have a particular reason for writing a post in french. I'm probably stupid, and experimenting how good my french is. Hehe. The tight falcon on a good poster speaks good language. Images of aussie hunks rock.

Oh well, good day.

Goodbbye, Ms. Amis!


Okay.. grade me! hehe

~Hina: The first sentence is perfectly right :) And for a second I was like, "Wow, she does know french" :P but when I read further, I said, "Nah, she can improve" :P

Okay, coming back to the translated version, heureux means Happy, not stupid :P So the sentence was, "Or probably im just too happy, that's why im trying to express my happiness (bonheur) in french" :)

Lol @ your falcon thing :P Actually it is like "Anyways (or in any case), I'd be writing more about it soon (bientot, in english (anglais) for sure. Will post pictures (images) too (aussi). :D

Lol. You translated it so cutely :D It encourages me to write more posts in french now :P

Oh and I forgot to grade those last two lines.

Have (avoir) a (un) nice (bon) day (jour) :)

Good bye, my (mes) friends (amis) :D

J'espère que vous l'apprenez rapidement :P

Anonymous says:


Mujhay French bas itni hee aati hai keh itna bata sakon keh mujhay French nahin aati!


~Saadat: Lol... Phir theek hay. Ab se I'll write my secret posts in french (or probably in Chinese):P *evil grin* :D

Anonymous says:

apart from last two sentences i cannot understand a word of whatever you've said:S
i love this language but unfortunately i don't know much about it:(

Okay, that isn't an F, right? I pass. I can manage to live in Paariiii... no? Please say yes =P

Anonymous says:

On dirait que vous avez trouvé votre âme sœur :P

Anonymous says:

Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu.

Je suis tres heureux de lire française apres des mois.

Francais, mon amour.


Our journey started almost side by side .. remember =D

Anonymous says:

@ hina, Images of aussie hunks rock.

which one which one ;P

~An Illusion: Awww, still you comprehended a lil bit. It's easy and fun to learn :)

~Hina: Lol, yep yep :D Let me know when you leave for Pariii :P

~Fariha: Lol. Comment? J'ai besoin des explications. Dinky Mind est trop petit, vous savez :P

~Asma: Lol. Oui. Nous devons commencer converser en français maintenant. Que dites-vous?

Anonymous says:

yeah i can see how easy it is *roll eyes*

@ An Illusion: A genius once said, "nothing is impossible unless you make it look impossible"
~Dinky Mind :P

Anonymous says:

C'est vous qui va donner des explications jeune fille :P

Anonymous says:

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Anonymous says:

haha..dinky mind is a self proclaimed genius too eh?

Anonymous says:

wohoo...had a gr8 time comin to ur blog after ages.. guess who?

~Anonymous: how would i know? :)

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