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Biya has gifetd me "The Kite Runner". The whole world has already read it and I'd be reading it now. But I so much wanted to read a good book, so I'm quite thankful to her :) Will start reading it tonight. And I'd make sure I keep a good bowl full of cashew nuts (or chocolates) and a big mug of coffee when I plan to read that book. Books should be read that way, according to me :P

Today, my boss gave me Galaxy. It's one good chocolate (just take out the raisins from it) after Dairy Milk (Pakistan wali nahi, it doesn't taste that good) and Snickers. Hersheys Hugs and Kisses and Ferrero Rochers are just tooooo good. Ufff, chocolates are a blessing. And licking chocolate is more fun than taking a big bite. Even if you take a bite, let it melt in your mouth. Enjoy the taste. I do that. I mean when I'm alone (or with Jaj, Ossy and Ritz), I lick it (cuz we are equally insane). And when I'm with other people, I just take a big bite and let it melt for a good ten minutes in my mouth :)

I prefer having whole milk chocolates, but nutty chocolates are also liked by nutty me. One day Ritz and I had this huge pyramid of 1-metre long Toblerone (we both got a separate pyramid). Jaj's fiance (now hubby) brought her that Toblerone plus other assorted chocolates, and she, not being a chocoholic, distributed them among us three (Ritz, Me, and Ossy). Ritz and I, after wrapping our shares, had cut pieces from Ossy's share and then we gave him his share :D. One should have such friends :P cuz meanie me can't share chocolates that easily :P

Ritz and I once had really yummy whole milk Swiss chocolates. I dont remember the name, but it was a bit bigger than a coin and tasted heavenly. My Dad's colleague, who has returned to US, sends us Hershey's Miniature chocolates, and Hershey's Hugs and Kisses. In the Miniature Choco's packet, I always loved Krackel (the rice one)..and Mr. Goodbar (the peanut one)...and the Milk Chocolate The Silver one). So, what's left? The Dark Chocolate. Nah, me not a big fan of dark chocolate.

Oh, and how can I forget how I inhale chocolate syrup. Yes, when Momma brings home a bottle of Chocolate Syrup, I'm the first one to attack it. I slurp many spoons full of it every day. I'm the kind who, if feels hungry at 2 am, would get out of bed, go the kitchen, and licks a spoonful of choclate syrup or chocolate spread, whichever is available.

My cousin, Tuba, is not a big fan of chocolates. She's rather not a fan of chocolates. She doesn't like chocolates at all, and she doesn't know why :D So, she when I visit her, she gives me all the yummy chocolates that her dad brings. And in return she pulls my cheeks! Such an unfair saza. When I protest, she says, "I give you chocolates, so be quiet now!" :D And then I quickly keep the chocos in my bag, cover my painful cheeks and run away :D

On my birthday, big bro gave me a box of Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cookies. Without reading "Thin Mints", I quickly opened the pack and picked out the nice choco-coated cookie. It was good if there was only chocolate and no minty flavor in it :( but I ate them :) just a few of them actually. And asked my bro to kindly give me chocolates next time :D

Ahhh, so this was my choco story. I do sometimes say I'm not a chocoholic, but I say that when I'm out of choco stock. When I've got loadsa chocs with me, I don't want anybody to be in the radius of 10 metres from me! Jes jes, meano me :P

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I'm having a tooth ache now :( And my visit to the dentist is also due. And he always asks if I have refrained myself from chocos and all the meetha stuff. And I always lie! *sigh* Mein sudharney waaloun mein se nahi!!!



the length of post really reflects your love/madness for chocolates, im not a v big fan of em, what do you call a some one who likes tea... tea-holic??? and coffeeholic :P

Oh jes jes...Abhi abhi finished Snickers in office :D
Yep, you can call yourself tea-holic ;) I wonder how you guys drink tea :$

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