When the Rain Falls Down.

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, August 08, 2008 in ,

I hope it rains the whole day today! I feel so dead fresh when it rains! :D [Means I feel fresh and not dead!] :P [And I feel out of my mind too] :D [So I just can't stop acting like a crazy woman] :) [I mean like a crazy girl] :$
Awwight folks
Taz! [Not that cartoon character Taz, but for me, Taz is short for Tata] :D
[See, I'm going nuts again!!!!]



Anonymous says:

Oh my my my ... the pic is so classic that I wana dance in rain :D

Are you?? AM i invited??

If not, J'invite moi :P

"I hope it rains the whole day today!" - Yeh hope kafi mengi perh sekhti hai as far as you are living in karachi :P

~Asma: Yeah, I love it too :) You're invited for sure :) bus wait for rains now :D

~Ali: It gets cloudy, then we wait for rains, it just drizzles and then the sun comes out! :( yeh to cheating hai na :'(

Anonymous says:

Saturday ko jo rain hui thi that was fun. I was out driving late night.

More Rain means i have to keep my office closed. Ultimately loss of business :)

So, i am happy with this cheating :P

~Sawj: Yup, driving in rain is triple fun! And when you're listening to good music, it becomes double triple fun! :D

~Ali Raza: Okay, then pray for cloudy weather only, if not rains :( Even cloudy weather is a big blessing for us :)

Awesomish, DM! Nothing like rains! Let's do the zulu rain call!

Anonymous says:

Unless you have a hummer or better yet a tank, driving in the rain is never fun. Especially when you dont have a hose pipe up your exhaust.

Hey that would sound much better if I did nt speak it in car terms. hehe

~Hina: Oh, not a bad idea. Me and Asma are coming to your place. Wahan ziada maza ai ga :D

~Safiullah: Ok, not driving in rain, but just being out in the rain is fun, no?
And btw, Dinky Mind isn't that dumbo. She just gets confused in the EFI and VTI and stuff like that :$

Anonymous says:

Rains. Sigh!

We got three days of that in the UAE this year... and a week of flooded roads and submerged cars.

No one was complaining. If only i would rain in these days with the temperatures breaching the psychological barriers of all kinds.

Anonymous says:

Anything ZULU and im in =D

yuppp u goin' nuts as ur post is not ending with dinky's usual 'cheerio folks' but a Bubyeee...

I love overcast days and rainy noons, never liked it much in the evening....

~Knicq: Lol.... Newspapers write "thunder storms" , aur thunder storms ka 'Th' bhee nae barasta yahan to :( I should shift to Bangladesh, i think.

~Asma: Good!!! :D

~Harris: Karachi mein to baarish he raat ko hoti hay, werna din mein to khaali aasman ko dekhtey raho :(

Anonymous says:

Rain is so refreshing but true hum karachi walon k saath hamesha cheating karta hai :(

Since I have been here its not raining :( :(

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