Happy Birthday to You :)

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, August 21, 2008 in

A berry Happy Birthday to my dearest, shweetest Momma :) I made for her a birthday card and gave it to her at midnight. I usually keep the card in the lounge or on her side-table at night and when in the morning she sees it, she comes to kiss sleepy Mammy :) But last night, we were awake till 23:30. Evil moi woke her up at midnight and presented her the card :) Me glad she liked it :) I so much wanted to post pictures of the card, but just yesterday my room was gifted with a new book shelf, so now everything (books + PC) is on my bed. Hence, I failed to transfer photos from my phone to the PC. Tonight I'd try to fix everything (only if I get time).
Well, before going home now, I'd first go to buy her a gift :D I just pray she likes it. Will post the pics tomorrow or day after. *sigh* yeh PC bhee na... Aray, I have to bake a cake for her as well. I must ask my boss to let me leave early today :$

*prayers needed*

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

Such a saadat-mand daughter you are! :D

Best wishes for your mom. :)

~Saadat: Lol :D No, I'm a Sa'aadat-mand daughter :D (Pronounce properly please) :D

happy burday to ur mommy.... she's leo :p

aur ur coming up too.... u virgo babie!

so wat was the gift :D?

and boss didnt allow u to go home early :(

~Harris: Jes jes, she is :) Jes jes, Sunday is right there :)

~Acro: Nae, I called him at 5 and said, "work incomplete". He said, "go home late today". I said, "I had to go earlier today". And he said, "Now you're saying it? I can't rewind the time now" and then he let me go :D

wah wah nice Boss, I hope he doesnt read this blogey :P

Anonymous says:

Happy Birthday Umema :) I tried messaging using the Shout Box..but my msg doesn't seem to appear..hence wishing u here.

Happie Burday! last minute wish :)

Anonymous says:

thats a very pretty card dear ... happy belated belated b'day to mom from me too :)

And I even inverted this card to see if its an ambigram =P

~Acro: Lol..He doesn't (I think) :D

~fariha: Awww...Know what, my shoutbox wants cookies before it could publish your message. NExt time, give it a cookie and it will happily post your message :D

~Harris: Thankoo :D

~Asma: I copied this on her last birthday. This time I made her a different card. Will post its pictures soon :)
And lol, everything is not an ambigram :P

Anonymous says:

I did I did but still it refused to show my msg..it probably wanted a chocolate from me :P

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