An awesome birthday :)

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Yesterday was my birthday and now I'm 18 and a half years old :)

Saturday night, we were out for dinner and I so much hoped to return home before midnight so I could answer those birthday wishes calmly. But we reached home around 12:10 am and by that time I had recieved some 10-15 sms and 3 calls, plus birthday hugs from my parents and siblings :) Had a long convo with Jaj who called me around 12:30! Was too tired so slept early (around 1:45 am) :P When I woke up, there were some 8-10 more sms, and a few missed calls, plus 2 cards on my bedside. Although it wasn't cloudy but I was happy :) Bro had arranged a lunch for us on his ship, PNS Tariq. [Yeah, it's "his" ship, and "his" navy! :D Afterall, he's the NavO]. I went onboard a ship after a long time. Although cameras were not allowed, still I took mine and clicked many pictures. We first went in the wardroom, kept stuff there, had juices and then went out and walked through the narrow, meandering corridors to the deck. Saw a few people fishing there too.

Then we went to the operations' room. Took loadsa pics, although there were a few maps labeled "Confidential", so I didn't take their pictures ;) But this compass was looking so cool, I couldn't resist taking its picture. Check out the tiny toony lamp on it :) Looks so cute na? For more pictures, check out my flickr. The kids had so much fun there. They were struggling to sit on CO's and XO's chairs, which were quite high. But there were their-size chairs too :) Yep, so tiny that it seemed that they were made for Aashoo and Abeer.

After spending a lot of time over there, we went back to the Wardroom to have lunch (around 3:30 pm). I was the head of the table :P I was the special guest :D And according to table manners (more suitably, the Naval rules), no-one started their lunch before I did :P It was fun. There were such yummy prawn and fish in lunch. Ahhhh, the lunch was very really very yummy. And did I tell you there were parathas and not roti? Hehe, yep, probably the chef knew that that chief guest doesn't eat roti :P

After lunch, we had tea and juices again. Before leaving for a boat ride, we were given caps as souvenir. Then we wore those much-needed caps and walked towards the sun-lit MS Jetty, where a boat was waiting for us. That boat encountered some problem, so we waited for another boat to come. It arrived after 15-20 minutes, and in that time, we started fishing. We took a fishing rod from this guy who had 2 of them. But before we could catch any fish, our boat was there. I have always enjoyed jumping from the jetty stairs on to the boat, and from that to another one :) And yesterday the same happened.

I am actually the restless one (after Bushi) who keeps on hopping here and there to get all possible views. So when the boat ride began, I took out my camera and started taking photos, although it's strictly prohibited, but who cares. Aashoo, Abeer, Bushi and Umar sat on the tiny deck of that boat. Later I also climbed somehow and sat there :) It was ultimate fun. I so much wanted to take off my shoes, and sit with my feet touching the sea water, but couldn't as the green metal bars were quite away from the boundary of the boat (and I couldn't have sat without holding them). Uff, how much I wished to have a little more tall height. Haye qismat! In this picture is Aashoo and Bushi, and Ammi's and Biya's hand. Aray, at one moment there was such strong wind that Biya's cap flew and fell in the sea :) Then the guards tried to pick it out with the help of a long wooden bar with a hook on one end but they couldn't, and the cap drowned. Lol. After an enjoyable boat ride of some 45 minutes, we headed back home.

Was so tired that I had my special dinner, of Maggie Noodles, and slept around 11 pm :)

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

hey happy belated bday!
sounds like super fun and surely one memorable day!!

~MayG: Thanks MayG :) Yep, had loooaaadsaaa fun! :D It was an awesome day! :)

Anonymous says:

Now this is how a birthday should be spent. :)

By the way, who on PNS Tariq uses tiny chairs?

Ain, long post, didn't read all of it. :P

Seems like you had fun. Happy Birrrrday!

~Saadat: Probably they are there for the visiting kids :D But those miniature chairs were looking very cool :)

~ Shuaib: Yep, had loaadsaa fun! :)

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