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Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 in , ,

Just 8 days!!! Check yours now :P



Anonymous says:

59 Minutes.

Like a true patriot Pakistani, to conserve energy, I switch off my PC when not needed =P =P =P

~Asma: Nice :) Stay the same :D

Buss only 8 days :P

~Ali: Now nine :D What about you, 63 days? :P

torrents download karti ho kia? itnay din to mein ney kabhi apnay vaioking ko on nahin raka!

Anonymous says:

Don't you have load shedding? Or does n't your battery ever run out?

Anonymous says:

Q: LAN bhai! Aap thaktay nahin hein?
A: Nahin, mein cigarette nahin peeta!


~Hina: Nah, just log off and go away! :D

~Safiullah: We've got generators! :P And this was the status of my office PC. Home PC to I rarely use now.

~Saadat: Lol! :D Aakhir aap ko pata lag he gaya :P

How did you manage to find that on my page? These records are not hard to break actually.

You haven't updated your blog lately. So, it was on the first page :)

Anonymous says:

greeenoo is back to blogspot :P

BTW I thought its a new post and what came to mind was something I had commented already =P

~Asma: Non, ce n'est pas nouveau (ou nouvelle?) :P

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