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He: "So, what's your name?"
Me: "Umema"
He: *confused* "Humera?"
Me: *with a fake smile* "Erm, it's Umema. U-M-E-M-A!"
He: "Oh okay. Different"
Me: *mumbles* "Whateva"

After making a few service errors, he yelled from the other side of the court, "Maimuna, you're making too many faults. You gotta improve your game!"
"And you gotta improve your memory, Mr. Coach", I mumbled again.

This was my tennis coach, who never called me by my real name. I was always Maimuma and Humera for him.

Well, nobody calls me by my real, full name anymore. And those who do, seem quite odd to me. :D

Umem is what people usually call me.
Ema is what a teaser friend calls me.
Emo/ Emostan/ Emoster is what evil Acro calls me.
Mommese sometimes calls me Mammy when she's full of affection :)
Baaj/ Baji/ Jabi is what my lil bros call me.
Oye Moti is what Jaj calls me.
Proffy is what Ritz calls me.
Moti Fitch is what we call each other (Jaj, Me and Ritz) :D
Maya is what a very cute friend of mine used to call me.
May is what an uncle blogger calls me. I'm not that kiddo. :$
Laila/ Lailee is the name given to me by my Mami.
Naina is what Uzam calls me. She found it hard to pronounce Umema, hence Naina.
Meymu is what SE calls me.
Sparkle Chotu is what my teacher used to call me.
Oumyemah is what our arab relatives and friends call me.
Umemi, Umemzi, Umemoo and Umemzoo is what Ayesma calls me :D
Dimple Dee was the name given to me by my school friends, when I really had those dimples.
Harris calls me Dee dee? As in Dexter's sis.
Yaya is what Aashoo calls me.
Meyma Pupoo is what Abeer calls me.
Mame is what my Dada used to call me.
OLPM is what SD calls me.
He also calls me Imtiaz! Lol, yes! This name has a whole story behind it :D
And he also called me Dark Chocolate because I'm tanner than him but more sweet :D
He also calls me the T word, and the K word :( Both the words are related to one of the above names. :( And these are one of those extra-teasing names Ive got.
Jamaimah is what my bro and a few friends used to call me. It rhymes with Umaima probably :$
Mishi used to call me M&M and Eminem. She said your name sounds so.
Dinky Mind is part of my definition.
Umemalicious is what I call myself :D

The worst name given to me is by my big bro, and no, I'm not going to write it here. It starts with B :P

How many names do you have?

On Ayesma's farmaish, I'm tagging

Enjoy =)



Anonymous says:

My name is difficult enough (apparently) for most people that I am often called with my last name. The other day a traffic police wallah stopped because I'd dragged the car into a one-way road, and when he looked at my driving license, he just stared at my name and then said, "Mateen sahab! I am giving you a warning and not issuing you a ticket. Please be careful in the future."

I still wonder if it was my (apparent) difficult name that made him let me go. (Just like that joke about Mustansar Hussain Tarar!)

You, however, have LOADS of nicknames. Cut them down a little bit, or your dinky mind's storage will run out some day. :P

By the way, when did you start playing tennis? Will you represent Pakistan in the next Olympics? :D

~Saadat Mateen Sahab: Lol... Your name isn't that difficult if one doesn't pronounce it in the correct manner - Sa'aaadat! (With a proper aienn) :D

Yep, I know i've got too many nicknames... And as I make new friends, I get a new name (sometimes weird names), and then I forget the old ones. :D

Lol, I played tennis loooong time ago :D Like some 7 years back. Ab to there's no court in our new colony and me has grown old too :D

Anonymous says:

Awww ... itni saari identities you lucky girl :P

I've zillion names too .. fikar not ... a few less than urs but believe me all very very bad to be declared in public :P

Hey lets make it a tag and tag MOI, okay ;)

ps: Saa'adat ka naam letay letay halaq saaf hojata hay , Masha Allah :))

pps: i call you dinkum too :P And not to forget umemoooo :x

~Ayesma: Yeah, it's hard to remember all of them :D Now that you are tagged, tell us your cute names :D
Oh yes, will add Umemoo and Dinkum to the list soon :D

Anonymous says:

Haha..what a co-incedence..just told someone my long list of nicknames :D
I finally get to know your name..and thanks for tagging sweety :)

Anonymous says:

'Ain or no 'ain, my name has had people confused so profoundly that I am rather proud of it!

And thanks for tag-o-fying me. :) Yours is the second tag I have received in this week, so I better start updating my blog.

And Asma, I'll try to convince Qarshi Laboratories to include arq-e-ism-e-sa'aadat in the ingredients of their johar joshanda! :D

Anonymous says:

LOL! this is the longest list of nicknames that Ive ever seen in a single go!!



Anonymous says:

uff...thats so unfair...I hate tags...please may I be spared...?

Anonymous says:

Wow! It sort of puts me under pressure - I need to come up with a nick name for you, and that is a tall order for someone who when set out to find a nick name for himself had to be content with something as unimaginative and inexplicable as knicq.

I am working on it though :)

The strange part is I just updated about a different kind of name-dilemma. :)

Its the in thing apparently.

You forgot Um-e-Malicious (Um-e-> Mother of) =P

You forgot Um-e-Malicious (Um-e-> Mother of) =P

~Lubz: Lol...Dying to read your post now :D

~Sa'aaadat: Oh, I'm glad some people will start blogging a lil more frequently :P (and that goes for kay-nick-queue bhai too :D)

~MayG: Welcome to my blog :) It was supposed to be longer, but Dinky Mind forgot some names :D

~UTP: NAHI!!! :P Your choice bhai, no obligation :)

~Knicq: Let's see what you come up with :D And oh, this reminds me of "Donkey Mind" which is a name invented by Harris. :(

~Hina: Long time to become Um-e-Malicious :D

me no evil :D

lol at sparkle chotu, hehehe

Lol @ Acraaa :D

Saba Syed says:

What's the meaning of Umema?
I'm going to name my daughter after you (if it's a girl).

whats in a name? says:

your still MOTI?

~Saba: It means "the most adorable one alive" =P Lol. Just kidding. It means the superior one! =)

~WIAN: You still alive? I mean you stopped reading blogs. And no, I never used to be moti, but now I am =(

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