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Alhamdolillah, Dad is feeling healthy again. He had cardiac arrest TWICE. One on the same day, i.e. last wednesday, Sept 3, but doctors didn't tell us that day. They said we brought him to the hospital on time. Thank God. Next was on Friday, Sept 5, in the morning. He was about to discharge the same day, but when in the morning he had another attck, the Rahat Hospital staff shifted him to Shifa Hospital. Momma was with Dad in the ambulance, and my bari chachi was with me. I was driving like a crazy person. Hazards on, right behind the ambulance. The sirens were paralyzing my brain and I was crying and driving at the same time. Such an unexplainable situation it was. My Chachi was trying her best to console me and I was just wishing for my Dad's life. He was immediately shifted to the CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) and doctors were so hopeless, asking us to pray. I felt like killing that darn doctor! He was so calmly saying that there wasn't any hope. His sugar level shot to an alarming 389. His blood pressure was 210/130. We weren't allowed in the CCU. The whole Friday I kept crying like anything, especially when my relatives were hugging me, wiping my tears and saying, "Tum to bahadur beti ho na". I wanted to lock myself in an empty room and cry my heart out.

On Saturday, when I went to see him, he held my hand and started crying. I so badly tried to say, "Papa, you'd be fine InshAllah", but these words just couldn't make their way out of my mouth. There were scary ECG machines, oxygen masks and injections around him. When I coudln't resist my tears, my Momma helped we walk out of the room.

My dad had his angiography in 2005 and doctors then said that only 20% of his heart is working, 80% is blocked! And when I was reminded of this statement, I would cry with more intensity. Thankfully his condition improved with every passing day and he was finally discharged on Tuesday, Sept 9.

I thank you all from the core of my heart for you all prayed for his health. May Allah reward you all. Amen.

Have a blessed day.



Plus, me is planning to sell my N70 :( Suggest me good models of phones. Thankoo :)

Anonymous says:

ohhh ... lots and lots of prayers for him. May Allah bless him with quick quick shifa soon and happy healthy life.

*hugs tightly*

*and a few smooches for my hon*

he'll be fine Inshah Allah ... we are praying :) Hows ur mom doing and siblings?

Anonymous says:

I knew that your absence from blogistan meant something was wrong. :-/

But it's good news that your dad is feeling better now; I am sure bahadur beti is taking good care of him. :) Loads of prayers for his good health and a solid recovery.

my serious advices for everyone that never drive in such circumstances, May allah gives ur father a healthy life! plus u can buy loads of rewarhi by selling n70 in that متناظہ condition.

Anonymous says:

Glad to know that your father's in a better condition..take care of him & be with him.
Talking about the mobiles well drop me an email stating your budget/requirements & i'd let you know..comprende?
Chin up & be strong dinky!

Anonymous says:

Hey Dinky cheer up sister, and be brave :) you have all are prayers and wishes. And inshallah-ta'Allah ur dad will be f9

Loads of prayers and support!

~Asma: Awww...thanks for your prayers :) you're such a shweet friend :) Momma and siblings are fine Alhamdolillah :)

~Saadat: Good care? It pains me a lot to see him having pheekay khaanay and we having chatkharays :(
Thanks for praying :)

~F@dz: I had no other option :$ And what would I do with 'loads of rewarhian'? :D Achar nae daalna.
And your 'mutanaze' spells a bit wrong shayad. Dinky Mind thinks it should be "zey aien" and not "zoein hey" in the end :D Correct me Saadat bhai if Im wrong. :D

~An Illusion: Oye hoye...comprende? :P You're learning :D
Dinky can never be strong :)

~Ammar: Thanks a million for praying :)

So nice of all of you :)

Anonymous says:

Some solutions: :)

Recite 40 times/hour: "No study, No tension!"

Drink 7Up and remember:
Bheja fry? 7Up try!

Or listen to one of my fav. songs:
'Na koi parhny wala, na koi seekhny wala,
Apni to patshala, masti ki patshala..'
Dont go to library, remember: 'Ye soorat teri meri mobile library!'
Visit after 1 week :)

Anonymous says:

sowwie, the comment was for the other post :(
Edit it and paste it there :(

Anonymous says:

I messed up everything..
these comments werent for ur posts... xtrmly sorry.delete 'em.

I am glad he is fine now. May Allah give him health and happiness to your family. Ameen

Anonymous says:

May Allah make your father's health even better in the name of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and His Progeny (A.S.)!

Try the Nokia E61i, if you like big phones, that is.

Anonymous says:

You are one brave girl! this post really spooked me out..thank God that your father is fine and better..

Anonymous says:

May Almighty Allah shower his blessings on your father, and bless him with quick recovery and strength to you and your family.

Your post took me 3 months back when my father suffered a heart attack in the middle of night and I had no one to console me. And just when the doctor said there was hardly any hope at that time, I couldn't say this to my mom either. Tough times!

And for your phone: go for N95!

Anonymous says:

Well, yes, it's متنازع and not متناظہ (you are getting ہوشیار, Dinky Sister :D), but what is a متنازع doing here anyway? I couldn't understand the context. *scratches his head*

Anonymous says:

Still waiting for the mail Dinky!
*roll eyes*

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