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The type of skin I have is commonly known as the “Dinosaur Skin” by my family members. All my siblings have delicate skins, but I have a thick one, hence, the Dinosaur Skin. I have always strived to make my skin look better, a little fresh, so I have used all those sweet-smelling lotions and even ugly-looking mud masks. [Yeah, I’ve got a lot of time to waste on carrying on experiments on my skin and hair] :D But now no more hassles, as I’ve got Cosméceutique creams. Yay!!! :) There are 8 varieties in this range – Skin fairness, Wrinkle control, Freckle and black spots, Age defying, Acne & pimples, Pimple scars, Sebum control, and Cellulite control.

I got this package some 10 days ago. These creams were so nicely packed, I didn’t want to open them in the first instance :D And it really took me a good 20 minutes to carefully unwrap the big box. There was this cute black bag inside, with an even cuter card ribboned to it. There were 2 packs of creams, a few booklets, and discount coupons :) I ordered the skin fairness and sebum control creams.

It is true that I’m often referred to as a Dark Chocolate cuz I’m tan, but this is not the main reason why I ordered this cream. Hehe. This cream protects the skin against harmful UV radiations. I’ve tried using some of those good sun-block creams, but they’re so sticky, they annoy me a lot. I started using this product by Cosméceutique and I’m quite satisfied with it. The best thing about it is that it absorbs completely, and hence, no ewwy feelings :) Plus it has Umbelliferin, or simply put, coriander seeds. I’m really glad to find such natural ingredients in these creams. Moreover, this product has a tongue-twisting ingredient – Tetrahydrocurcuminoids. And Dinky Mind is happy to find ‘hydro’ and ‘cumin’ in this long word :) And did I ever tell you I used to do water therapy for the freshness of my skin? Well, not anymore, as I’ve got this cream which would do half the water therapy now :D

The other cream that I got was the Sebum Control. I’ve got such an oily skin that Momma says that if the Amreekis get to know how much oily skin I have, they’d one day come to drill and extract it all. Lol. Now I have Cosméceutique Sebum Control to take care of the excess oil. Ahhh, I’m so relieved. This cream has really helped my face to look fresh rather than an oil reservoir.

Thank you Cosméceutique. My skin glows happily now :)



:P r u sure itnay saray experiments on skin and hair are a good thing :S? wont the skin be tired of u, "oh geeez another new cream what she wants off me :P"?

oh and btw how does one do water therapy :S? i guess i will google, it looks interesting.

and these Cosméceutique people should now send another package as a gesture for marketing :D.

Anonymous says:

They say a person has a thick skin if s/he can withstand criticism...

By the way, I am tired of dandofying my feed reader. Now you dandofy your feed settings!

Anonymous says:

oooh, you dark chocolate, c'mon ... who says such a nasty thing =\ Chocolate mind kar jaye gi =P

And I loved that Asma Mirza written on the card ... heheheh :)

*sigh* I never knew they'll send two creams :< warna I'd have asked for variety too ;)

~Acro: I use only the natural ingredients on my hair and skin. Not every second cream/ lotion I see, I apply it on my face. Dove, c'est tout! For both hair and skin :)

~Saadat: Really? Then I must be an exception :P

~Asma: Oye! :P The lady called me to ask what other cream you wanna have and I told her :D

Anonymous says:

mey tu 4-4 din moo nai dhota tab bhe meri skin saf rahti hay aur fresh bhe jaise bakery ki double roti. :P

I think tan color is more attractive than white or fair color. wo nai suna? gori aatay ki bori :P

Anonymous says:

I'm also in favor of tan color. Bus, all I needed was a lil freshness on my dino skin :D

Anonymous says:

stop washing ur face :P

meri Tuwacha ka Raaz(paani se duur bhagna) :D

Anonymous says:

nahi bhaiii :D Im happy with my face :D

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