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1. My bloggy turned 5 on Nov 29th and I didn't get time to blog about it :( *hugs her blog* Actually we had gone to Nathiagali (not the one in Northern Areas, but Karachi wali) And that is such a nice place, with the exception of those pointed gravels there. There's absolutely clear water. And the best thing about it was that the whole beach was for us that day. I have been there a couple times earlier too, but that was some 4-5 years ago. A few of Naval dinner parties were held there. Oh my god, that place is really amazing. I'd post the pictures soon.

2. I forgot Ritz's birthday :( It was on Dec 4, and I thought she was born on Dec 5. Dayum! Why do people change their DOB every year? :/ I forgot Jajo's birthday, and now Ritz's birthday... What's going on? I blame my N70 for all this. Why did it crash when I needed it the most? It had all the dates saved in it. Now I have to note all of them down again! Argh!

3. Shaadian coming up. I love attending shadis and watch pastry-looking brides sit like an idol for 3 straight hours :D Waisay, beauty parlors shouldn't 'decorate' their faces that much. The lesser the make-over, the better. I hope both of my cousins, who are getting married, don't look like pastries.

4. I'm waiting for a cheque (check?) to be cleared. It should be cleared today or I'd seriously go punch that guy's face. Any powerful person reading my blog? I need your assistance :) My happiness lies in that cheque (check?) :D

5. Eid shopping still left. :( When will I buy sandals and jewellery? *Wake up, Dinkum!* Plus, I want some new shades of nail enamel.

6. Oh, and it rained last night :D Me sho happy :) I love rains. It's just the lightning and the garaj that scares me most :$

7. My dental retainers are becoming a big problem for me. Whenever I fix them, it hurts me so much, I have to put my hand over my mouth for the next 30 minutes :( I sit in a corner and quietly wait for the 30 minutes to pass :( Haye, so unbearable it is sometimes.

Prayers needed, as always.

Cheerio folks =)



I think one more piece of news is pending? ;)

Trying to write a separate post for the BIG news :D

Anonymous says:

Ohhhh ... bohat saray hugs for the baby bloggy .. itna barra hogaya ... awww <3 <3

Err .. I wanted to be a pastry too on my big day ;)

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