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Yesterday I was talking to this friend about my Mac, who's also a big fan of Apple. And he asked me if my Mac gets heated up. Oh well, it does. And then he told me such a nice tip (which, of course, Dinky Mind didn't know). He said to keep the notebooks cooler, one must keep a wooden drawing board (or any wooden board you get, right [V]?) under the notebook. And then your Mac-delights or any-other-laptop won't get heated up :) How cool that is =)

Oh, and this reminds me he has got 2 berry cute puppies. I asked him their names and he said he hasn't thought about them yet. I was so glad to find another Dinky Mind :D hehe. Anyway, to help him out, I named his pups Fluffy and Duffy :D Yep, Duffy is female =) I still envy him for such cutie pies :(

Me off now. Planning to study :P

Cheerio folks =)



*cough*.. I think I should patent this idea ;)

Pardon me but isn't wood supposed to be an insulator and trap the heat in the Macbook? Have you tried this?

scooby and scrapy?

rasheed says:

assalam o alaikum!
i hope ur laptop is not having any chest infection as the picture suggests...i hate dogs

Hehe, are you sure about that?

And I just saw the cute puppiesss! Adorable!!! =D

nice tip :)

well , i have posted my honest habits.


~Vaq: Lol. :D

~Senilius: You're pardoned. And I'm not a physicist :D I'm Dinky Mind :D

~Fadz: Lol. Nice ones. But he has a male and a female puppy :D

~Rasheed: And I like puppies. And kittens. And cubs :)

~Siras: Nopes. Me not sure =)

~YouTee: Will check it out soon =)

rubina says:

hey dinky mind sorry for popping in again.,

but thats a real cool tip :-)

~Rubina: Thanks for liking =)
And welcome to my blog =)

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