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Dearest Daddy

Yesterday I made cheese stuffed pizza. It was so so so SO awesome, I love myself for making such a thing :$ hahaha. I missed you so badly because you always loved anything that I made. And this pizza was one thing that I wanted to make for so long. But I hope you get to eat a better cuisine over there :) Still, I missed that pat-on-the-back scene. I used to feel like a top class cook at that time :)
I did take a few pictures, but since we had a power failure at that time, the pictures didn't come out that good :/ But last night I had stuffed myself so much that today I skipped my breakfast :D Don't worry, I'm going to have a slice for pizza for lunch ;)

Keep praying


PS: I didn't make salad yesterday. You and I used to finish the bowl. So I might make it next time :)



BiYA says:

Yeah i missed him too when I baked pizza day before yesterday...he was really fond of new and delicious food...anyways we can just pray for him.....
BTW It looks soooo yummy....I'm sure ammi patted you on your back....KEEP COOKING :)

~Biya: Ammi was too busy having it. I reminded her that I need a pat on my back :D And do I need to tell you that I missed you! :@ Where the heck were you?
I might make it after Midz. Do come. Ritz and Jajo are going to come too :D

Pizzahhhh, Woa..
I just couldn't help poking my nose into this blog entry, though it is a personal note; cause pizzzaaahh is my favorite =D

~Saba: My favorite too :) but I like the salads more :$ weirdo me! :D And you're invited to have Dinky-Mind-made pizza at my place, but after my Mid-term exams :P Jab tak, please pray ;) Thankoooos

although my tond is stuffed with mcChicken and fries and fanta (showing off) but I want to eat this slice abhee :$

and keep praying :) (wops I swear I didnt read it from ur post, just came to my mind)

rasheed says:

Assalam o alaikum!
Its really good looking ,yum yum yummy stuff...ahh no pizzza in my town

~Acro: You can't eat this slice. It's safely in my tummy now :)
Keep praying for you? Or for your cooking skills? :P

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam. Thanks for liking its looks, but I tell you it tasted even better, rather THE BEST! :D
And where on earth is your town jahan pizza nahi hota? :/

Oh wow, looks so delicious!!! Me wants recipe of pizza and salad, pleaaassseee. :D

~Siras: Thankooo :D Awww, will tell you soon :)

asma says:

Im sure umemoooo uncle's having a pizza with some crust ;)

And u didnt mail me ... and i had none .. *sniff snifffff*

Chumpoo says:

Ye Pizza hay? mujha tu aisa lag raha hay ka kisi ney basi tanori roti par jala huwa Omelet Rakh dia ho :D

Anonymous says:

well it sure does looks quite tasty..thumbs up(Y)

~Asma: Mail you what sweets?

~Chumpoo: Lagta hay aap ke town mein bhee pizza nae milta :/

~An Illusion: Thankoo berry much :D

You can cook, you can shoot guns, you read books, you blog...



~Shuaib: And you've been to CERN. And yes, that makes me hell jealous of you!



PS: And I've got a MacBook too :P O yeah, I AM showing off :P

Chumpoo says:

I won't praise about it unless you courier me one!

~Chumpoo: Courier you what, tanoori roti per jala hua omelet? :P

Chumpoo says:

Courier you what, tanoori roti per jala hua omelet? :P

haan wohi tumhara Pizza. Good you admit it :P

~Chumpoo: Oye! :P Bus ab ziada tareefain nae :D I know it was hell awesome-ish :D

Chumpoo says:

wo tu khana k baad pait me pura orchestra bajay ga tu pata chalay ga :>

~Chumpoo: Then I won't send. Ab keep dreaming of jala hua omelet on tanori roti :D

Chumpoo says:

i will make myself!

Awwww, koi jal gaya? :P

Chumpoo says:

yes, your "another pizza". Jao Tawa check karo :P

Lol. I said "koi" jal gaya :P

Chumpoo says:

haan tu? don't we say like ,"Dekho kitchen me KOI cheez jal rahi hay" ?

apni urdu sahi karo :P

i wont comment ab!

Chumpoo says:

but you just did! :P
it's your blog. feel like home!! :D

~Chumpoo: Oh thank you for reminding me :P

You know what, I tried some pizza too yesterday but unfortunately the outcome wasn't as good as yours. I burnt it! :P

~Razz: Awww, koi baat nae. Better luck next time :P Keep trying waisay :D

Okie dokie. :)

i left a comment here :(

~Siras: :)

~Acro: Poink! Kahan gaya phir?

:P no idea, probably blogger ate it, khair

It was a tip for Razz :P, just keep pizza on low flame and check after 15 mins, if pizza border is brown, that means u r close

It's my first time here and I must say that I really love your blog's layout.

Then I saw this pizza, a very yummy looking homemade pizza!

PS: Maybe I should try making pizza too. You've inspired me :)

~Acro & Razz: First heat the oven at the max. Let it burn :D Then as soon as you put the pizza in, lower the heat to 180 degrees C. :P

~Nadia: Awww. First of all, welcome to my blog :)
Secondly, I totally loved the pizza too :D
Thirdly, do try making one ;) It would be fun :)

errrrrrrrrrr Dinky thats the most basic requirement everyone shud know :P, so basically I left it deliberately.

Oh riiiight! You just didn't know about it. So you better accept this thing :P

Thanks guys. I'll try it again sometime this week. Hopefully, it'll turn out ok.

~Razz: do try it and let me know how did it turn out to be :P
And hey, good luck :D

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