Mac-clean Day

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And today I celebrated the Mac-clean Day =)
I cleaned my Mac and took several pictures. Now I'm dying to have a carrying case for my pwetty Mac. Why don't they have cases like HP and Dell? Or even more smarter ones? :P Too bad, such accessories reach Pakistan very late :(

I <3 my Mac =)



Chumpoo says:

Tu DHonay ka baad Algani par sookhna latkaya ya nahin?

mey tu apna laptop isi tarha saaf karta houn.

Chumpoo says:

aur mayne abhi check kia k F2 ki key press nahi horahi,ghor sa dekha tu pata chala ka Daal MOT ka dana phasa huwa thaa.

Get a backpack. Would look so awesome carrying a MacBook on your back and shooting with guns in your hands.

Maaaan! :D

Lolz @ shuaib =)

Well I agree backpack wud look smart and I'm sure none of the karachiite dakoos would figure it out that you are carrying a MacBook .. bas show-off unhay bata mat dena :P

~Chumpoo: Yeah, brushed it with Max Fresh Cooling Crystals. And now it's shining :P
And I never ever ever ever EVER bring any eatables near my shweet Mac :D

~Shuaib: Oye hoye!!! Tell you what, I've got a very smarty Nike backpack. And it has a separate space for keeping laptops. And I love when my Mac slides in there and safely stay there :P

~Asma: Aray daakoun ke liay to Nike ka backpack is also a very smart thing. Although every 10th person here has a Nike-something :D

Chumpoo says:

10th person here has a Nike-something :D


~Chumpoo: Then you must be the 9th person :P

5000 ka tu sarra hua boot hay unka ... :P

~Asma: Chanda, bag lo na aap :P Boot nae :P

Aww, I do that with my cell! =D
And I'm stilllll waiting to buy my Macbook! **sigh** =P

Chumpoo says:

dinky I am the 11th one!

@Asma: sara huwa kis na kaha tha layna ko? taza taza paka huwa layytin? but aqal aur asma dono aik jaga kaisa hosaktay hain-sigh

Anonymous says:

i m still yearnin to get myself one!

~Siras: I'm sorry, you do what with your cell phone? :D
And Macbooks don't come that easily. I waited for mine for 3 years :D And in those 3 years, Powerbooks were transformed into iBooks (I think) and then Macbooks came! :D

~Chumpoo: Oh...Phir theek hay :D

~Americanising Desi: And I'm always praying for all those who wish to buy it :D

LOL! Sit and clean it and then shine it and polish it! and clean it some more! =P

~Siras: Lol. :D Okayyyy. I got so badly confused :D

Chumpoo says:

girls usually get confused. Tell me something new :D

~Chumpoo: Koi nae. It doesn't happen that frequently :P

I...seriously...hate...you! Why is everyone showing of their Macs to me nowadays? Wasn't Absar enough?

LOL. What did you think?

@SAWJ: I thought you didn't like macs? So why would you be jealous?

~Senilius: Hahaha :D Absar hasn't got the latest one, right Absar? :P And yeah, Siras is so right. You never liked Macs. Ab kia hua? :P

~Siras: I thought you slide it in some funky cover :D

Hehe. I do that too, but i was talking about the cleaning. :P

You've been awarded the Honest scrap award

~Siras: So I was right :P
And thanks for the award :) Lemme check what it is :D

oye prepare ur award winning speeches :P u r now winning quite regularly :P and where are those stuffed tond pizza pics??

~Acro: Lol. Real award milay to baat haina :D
No pics taken. Light nae thi, and my camera goes bonkers in candle light :/ (UPS, I meant) :D

:( make again :D, abhee app blog awards kee hee speech kardain thankyouverymuch

~Acro: Just took a few pics :P Will post them soon

You know, you can buy a customized laptop bag, if you live in Karachi, I can help you with that. I've got my mac too, and I wanted something that looked really pretty on the outside. Thus I ordered one :)

P.s. This is not some random spam advertising, I have nothing to do with laptop-bag-business. :) But feel free to email.

~Falsa: Aray waaaaah. This sounds so awesome. I want one tooooo. Please help me :)
Oh, and welcome to my blog :)

No Falsa runs a bag business in Saddar Karachi and she is spamming here :->

~Adnan: Lol. How can you be so sure about her business? :D

@Saira and DM: I don't like Macs but I wouldn't mind having one. ;)

~Senilius: Then go for it :P

Dinky, email me. You know my address, heh. I've been reading your posts for long, you've got a lovely blog!

oh that's me-

~Sticky Sweet Falsa: Awww, thankoo for reading :D Me shall email you soon. :) Tension not :P

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