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And I've been awarded The Honest Scrap Award by Siras. :D Thankoo sweeets :D

The rules of the award:

• Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
• Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
• List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

Oh man, 10 honest things about meeh? That's gonna be tough, honestly :D

Well, let's try.

  1. My short height used to bug me a lot when I was in school. But not anymore, because we've got so many short-heighted girls in our university, I feel good when I go stand next to them :P (Yeah, I know I'm evil) :D
  2. If I fight with someone, then the next day when I wake up, I forget about that fight. I wake up with a clear memory.
  3. I go crazy when I see the sea :D
  4. I eat a lot during exam days.
  5. And then I fret about pushing my tummy in :/ which I don't have, according to my friends :$
  6. I know I've got the worst voice in the whole world, yet I like to sing :P I'm my Momma's kitchen radio :D
  7. I'm way too crazy about hand-bags and sandals and yet I've got such a limited collection. [Not many things match my taste :/]
  8. I still love Barbie dolls :$ And I sometimes wish someone could gift me a Barbie (with its accessories AND a Barbie house) on my birthday :(
  9. I like taking pictures of myself. Lol. I love myself for who I am and how I look :D [Those who have seen me might contradict] hahaha :D
  10. I've always, like ALWAYS, wanted to do something different. And I've still not come up with that different idea. :D Umm, or probably I wanted to try to hold a key position at the UN *haye* :D

And now the 7 blogs I like to give this award to:

  1. Saady.
  2. Saadie.
  3. Unaiza.
  4. Yesterday was better.
  5. You Tee.
  6. Adha-naan bhai :P
  7. Kamran.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

congratulations on winning the award..cheers: )

Thankoooos :D

Anonymous says:

I hate tags...and the so forth...subsets of it...

congrats on the award though...

Hehe, no. 5 is so me. =D
And no. 8 i don't love Barbies as such but I sure love going to the Barbie site and checking out the awesome outfits they design for them. Oh wow oh wow! =D

~UTP: Hawww, me hasn't even tagged you. I know you hate tags :P

~Siras: Lol. Sisters we are *hugs* :D
But I want a Barbie. :( My inner child is going nuts :/

Congrats yaar .. well I'll soon post my 10 honest acts and habits well due to my strict day schedule m unable to update my blog and visit to friends blog too .. but m sure soon m back in action ..

YOUTEE-- busy :(

This Tagging thing is quite girlish for me ..as I said it sounds like KHO-KHO to me. I don't understand what kind of interest guys found in it :P

If I fight with someone, then the next day when I wake up, I forget about that fight. I wake up with a clear memory.

same here same here!!

I've always, like ALWAYS, wanted to do something different

I've always, like ALWAYS, wanted to do something different

What's so special about that puppet org UN that you dream about it? Join MQM and you will be called as "Umema Siddiqi Baji" of MQM guys :P

Thanks anyway.. it was surely interesting to read :-)

"Umema Siddiqi Baji" of MQM guys, hahahahahah that cracked me up :P LOL.

1) tsk tsk u evil, very evil.

4) I simply cant eat when I am tensed :S

oh and yea thanks :p

and yea :P (jeeez I just cant keep myself away from commenting here) anyhoo

10) I doubt after ur shooting classes UN will give u a chance but maybe FBI :P?

You have been awarded a Lemonade Blog Award. :)

~YouTee: Awww, it's okay. Update as soon as you get time :)

~Adha-naan bhai: UN is UN :D Or I might consider joining some other such organization, but definitely not MQM :D

~Acro: Hahah. Really? Then I believe you never stay tensed :P
Oooooo, FBI sounds interesting. Bus, me going there :P

~Ahmer: Oh, thank you so much :D

you don't only get crazy when you see sea..

you are crazy with the 1,6,7 comments!!

Chumpoo says:

There was a lovely Woman(Scully)[wrf X-Files) as an FBI agent. Say My HI to her!

Hehe, not to worry, if I have to get you a gift ever, I'll know what to get- Barbie! =P

~Jingo bhai: Oh, I'm a pack of crazy attributes :D

~Chumpoo: Oh sure if I find her :P Shouldn't I say Hi to that X-files guy? :P

~Siras: Yayyyyy. That's like a good buddy *hugs* :D

problem is FBI have strong criteria for stable minds :P

I is highly stable :P

Chumpoo says:

No. Moulder is my enemy.

~Chumpoo: Kyun bhai?

Chumpoo says:

Becaus He's my Raqeeb-e-Russiah

Lol. Afsos hua sunn ker :D

haye thankyou!! Im flattered:D
Btw, more than half u said is what I'm

And you checked it now??? :P
Ab foran se accept this award from me and post about it :P

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