Water Melon phobia

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So Mars and I went for some fruit shopping yesterday and I had told him that if the shopkeeper gives a piece of water melon to taste, then you'd be the one eating it and not me. Anyway, we went up to him, asked the rates, and I then chose a huge water melon and warned him that I'd buy it only if it is good in color and taste. So he cut a piece out of it and offered it to me. I asked Mars to taste it. And Mars was asking me to taste it. This thing repeated thrice until I glared at him and he finally took the piece and gulped it.

Me: So how was it, sweet?
Mars: Yeah
Me: So we should buy it?
Mars: Yeaaahhhh!

Finally I paid the shopkeeper and got it packed. When I came home, I told Momma how Mars was irritating me when I had told him earlier to taste the water melon. And it was then that he entered the room and said, "And you know why I was asking YOU to taste it? It's because I don't eat melons; water or no water. And I did not even taste it properly. I did put it in my mouth, then turned around and threw it out."

And Momma and I got an intensive laughing fit! =D Haye, my poor brother! :D

Oh, and the picture above is taken by meeh =D And that's the scoop that my Daddy Dear bought for me. It's one of those dozen things he had bought for me that day.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: That's water melon scooped out. Don't confuse it with gulab jaman :p



they sure do look like gulab jamans dear ... even can qualify for gol gappay but the water melon :P

In our part of the world ... we've got RED watermelons :P I love scooped out melons wesay :>

honestly when i saw it from far i thought they were gulab jaman's :p ....

and hehehe i don't like fruits either :p !!

~Asma: Haye! Why did you remind me of gol gappay? I want them now :(
Oh, and don't forget, this is Pakistan. Everything has to have a touch of milawat in it :P

~UB: I love fruits (and I hope papaya is not a fruit :P), but I don't like eat them in public :D

lolz... waisey the only fruit i like is apple... and oh yeah strawberries... and hmmm i like black berry too ... oh well i love all berries... and hmmmmmmmm i like pear too !! anddddddd oh yeshh i remembered i like pineapple too :D !!

wow i just noticed i really do like fruits :p ...

waisey remaining fruits i don't like neither do i eat them :p !! haan koi pyar sey khila dey toh woh aur baat hai ;) !!

~UB: Lol :D And do you not like mangoes? :P I like mangoes cut in neat cubes.
And how about chickoo? :P Or, well, oranges, or peaches? :D

Lol @ pyar se khila dey. Beta aap ki wo umar nikal gai ab :P

Samz says:

Mujhe tou aesa lag raha tha kah kah aap burger jaisi shakal ka cheeze banane kah saath saath pani puri bhi bana leti ho

LOL@ your brother.:P Who doesn't like melons? :P
And wow I've never seen watermelon scooped out before! Looks so cute like this! :)

those little watermelon balls look totally cute! wo0... watermelon phobia is a new one though =P

My sister eats a watermelon a day, nothing else. Girls and their dieting!

rasheed says:

assalam o alaikum!
i love watermelon... a fruit in reach of everyone. we have got special icy watermelon in sarai alamgir (Jhelum). the watermelon are are placed/immersed in freezing water of UPPER JHELUM CANAL in sarai alamgir... it is just wonderful to have a taste of icy watermelon...but i think My AMMMI Jan will have a tough time to prepare GULAB JAAMAN type watermelon...Good Luck

Love love love watermelons! Am craving for it in this weather since it's so damn hot. Like everyone else, confused the melon scoops for gulab jamuns! Yummy post :D


you know what... presentation does matter...
even though if these scoops aren't sweet!!

scoopy shape would be loved by any one!!

lol @ phobia...
btw phobia is something to be referred for the scary feeling... may you meant obsession.

You'll need to prove these are water melon :P They don't look like water melon at all!!!

~Samz: Pani puri he to bananay ka shauq hay. Aur is shauq mein nae nae aur cheezain ban jati hein :P

~Siras: He doesn't like good things. And that's why he doesn't like me :P

~Brok3n: Eating them is more fun :D

~Senilius: It must be a tiny one, I'm sure :P

~Rasheed: Walaikum assalam. Haye! I so want to have that icy watermelon :(

~Dhanya: Thanks for liking it Dhanya :) And welcome to my blog =)
I am a big fan of water melons!!!! Ahhhh... :D

~Jingo bhai: Aww, thankoo :D
Oh and I am melon maniac and my bro is melon phobic :D

~Hina: Click the picture for the larger image :P You'd see white seeds of melon :P

well , i love water melon in every way .... i'll this too ..

Thanks for new idea (at least for me its new)

Hell no! She eats a jumbo sized one everyday!

~YouTee: Me too likes it :D
You're welcome =)

~Senilius: Oh MashAllah. Cutie sista you've got :D

~Shuaib: Yeahhhh :D

yaar abhi mai burha thori hua houn :p .... abhi toh mai jawan houn ;) !! ab mayri biwi hi bayshak aa ker pyar sey khilay ... koi khilay ga toh sahi :D !!

and naah i don't like mango, nor peaches nor cheeko ... waisey i have a friend whom i call cheeko ;) !!

~UB: Lol :D Ummeed pe dunya qaim hay :P

Lol. Cheeko is such a cute name. We've got a cousin whom we call Cookie :D


She's a churail!

Ummm I love fruits!! Those so totally qualify for gulab jamons!

~Senilius: Na shukray loag :P

~Komal: Lol yeah, cuz they aren't as red as they should have been :P And hey, welcome to my blog :D

thats gulab jamun :| and I sympathize with Mars poor fella

~Acro: That's NOT gulab jaman :P You is wrong :P

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