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Good day and good morning!
Here is your early morning tea
and here are your crack-a-dawn cereals.
Sugar is also provided.
Breakfast in bed, room service calling!
Are you awake?

Darren, sit up! I'm giving you
ten seconds, starting now! TEN.
The weather outside is fine - at least
by North Sea standards. NINE.
Just a fresh Force Six blowing and a spot
of rain lashing the rooftops. EIGHT.
The sun is shining - lucky Australians!
The bus, however, is on time
according to local radio - SEVEN -
and if you want to walk again and be

reported to the Head that is your business
but - SIX - I have a bus to catch too
and you can pay for a taxi out of your pocket money
if I miss it the third morning running.
FIVE. Your gerbil has been eaten by the dog
and the dog has been eaten by a crocodile
that got in down the chimney and is, at the moment,
opening it jaws over your toes-
feel it? No? Oh well.
FOUR. A letter has just arrived,
postmarked Wembley, inviting you to play
for England next Saturday against Czechoslovakia -
bet you won't be late for that - THREE.
Czechoslovakia is one of the eighteen spellings
wrong in your Geography homework.
Why wasn't it handed in last week? I found
the letter you forged from your dad
stating you had a dental appointment
on Friday afternoon - TWO - you could
at least have spelt his Christian name right
and the address. Make an appointment with him
an hour after you intend to go out tonight.

ONE. This is your mother speaking
and I am about to pour tea
over your head, even if it causes me
extra washing. I won't begrudge the powder.
Darren, I'm giving you HALF A SECOND, A QUARTER,
AN EIGHTH. No this is not a nightmare,
no the trickle of water you feel at this moment,
is NOT an illusion...

[By Brian Morse
from Bushi's English Book]

Cheerio folks =)



=) !!

Damn..lazy Darren!


Chumpoo says:

Y do u have to add a disclaimer? who got offended?

aur ye aunty actually TUM ho?? :D

rasheed says:

assalam o alaikum!
hahaha... my mom unfortunately couldnt have formal education, but she used to narrate us stories like the one u mentioned above...she used to tell us that those children who donot wake up early in the morning,crocodile eat them at the breakfast...now once my brothers n sister are grown up , v cherish those stories... GOOD LUCK

~Brok3n: Lol. Yeah. Poor him :D

~Jingo bhai: Hausla rakhien :P

~Chumpoo: bus youn hi :P
Jee nahi, i'm not an aunty :D

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam.
Lol. That's great. I have always heard stories related to princesses and birds :D

That scary aunty is also from Bushy's English book? :D

~Saadat: hehe. Nae, she's belongs to Google images :P

~Viks: =)

LOL! Nice! :)

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Anonymous says:



monday morning + umem's blog = screwed up head

There is a disclaimer?

Samz says:

Tum tou kaafi bari umer ki ho aur phir shikwah karrahe thin "safeed baalon" ka

~Siras: Thankoo =)

~Yesterday: Lol. I'm happy :p

~Senilius: Umm, I think so :P

~Samz: *looks for a bari-umer-ki aunty* Aap kis se mukhatib hein? :P


Under the heading of Disclaimer :D

Samz says:

usi say jis jo apnay "Private blog" main of course private snaps use karraha hai:P

And where might I find this heading?

~Samz: Hahaha. I don't use private picture on my "private blog" :D But I like this aunty :P she's not as fat as Miss Trenchbull :D

~Senilius: APNAY SAR PER!!!!!!


Nope, not there. :P

~Senilius: Check it on your zulfein :p

Anonymous says:

Why is it called crack-a-dawn

Anonymous says:

Can u give me the summary. plss.... : )

Give me summary plz

Why is it said by North Sea standards

Where does Darren live England or Australia

Why it is called crack a dawn

Kindly send me a summary of this poem

Kindly send me a summary of this poem

Summary of the poem

needed the questions and answers too

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