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Almost 3 weeks ago I saw this Corolla parked outside our university, with all 4 of its tyres completely flat!!!! That day I kept thinking about the guy whose car it was, and the next day I was telling my friends about this accident very sympathetically. =(

At that time I didn't dare think that if the same happens with me someday, what would I do? Half of that nightmare came true today. I got 2 flat tyres today!!! Both the left-side ones. Thankfully Ossy and Nav were with us (Ritz, Maryam and I), and they worked on the tyres. They put the car on 2 jacks (borrowed one from Saad), took the tyres to the nearby tyre shop and got them fixed. And when they returned, they realized that they had left one of the two defected tyres under the car and took the spare one instead :D Anyway, Ossy and Nav fixed each tyre, while I stood under the cool shadow of a Neem tree, munching 'makaie' . Hey, don't think I'm bad. It's just that I've got very good friends who didn't want me to stand in the sun and witness the tyre-fixing ceremony :D

When they both fixed the tyres, I decided to head home (I was already an hour-and-a-half late), although we had to go to Mc Donald's for lunch. :P It was a fun day. Sometimes such incidents are good for a change. :D But I still hope the ******* who did this should soon get his tyres phuss! :D

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Thank you Ossy, Nav and Saad. You guys are really great!!!
PPS: And thanks to Ritz and Maryam too, who gave me company in munching 'makaie' :D



lolz... you are bossy ;) !!

~Ubaid: Lol. Mein ne kia kiya? :D

Haha, seems like you quite enjoyed the whole incident! =P

:D funny incident.. I mean.. sad about the tyres though ... **tries to look a lil sad**


~Siras: I did get a lil worried, but I knew I had people to help me out :D And so I started enjoying it all. :D I hope Ossy and Nav aren't reading this :P

~Uni: Lol. Koi masla nae. You can laugh. Ab it's all set Alhamdolillah :D But I pray it doesn't happen again, werna I seriously trace the person out and apply my shooting lessons on him :D
[Wah! Dhamki check karein aap :P]

*I would trace...
(this happens when you're typing in the dark avec a closed mind) =(

you sound mean!!!!
wo shareef log hien becharey!!

Lol! Very well done. Let others do the dirty work ;)

Anonymous says:

you took this shot dinky?

You are so cruel. You had two guys slave off for you!

And yet women complain about not getting their deserved rights. They don't deserve any! :P


~Jingo bhai: Lol. I did offer them that makaie :P But they were too busy in changing tyres. Is mein mera kia fault? :P

~Dhanya: I actually know how to change a tyre, but I don't have the strength to loosen those screws :D

~An Illusion: Nahi bhaie. Abhi itni perfect nahi hui :P

~Senilius: Hawww... When did I complain? I'm so thankful to my friends.
Women like you don't deserve any rights :P

ahan ahan. well its for a change. dudes did a good job. :)

~Ahmer: O yeah. Sans doubt! :D

Anonymous says:

I like your new template. and while I was wondering where to click to view and post comments I forgot what I wanted to write :S

~Adnee: Lol. Koi masla nahi. I know my blog is stylish in a difficult way :D
And hey, welcome to my blog =)


well count ur blessings gal :D

Anonymous says:

Hehehe... That would have been such a memorable day (:

A WEIRD THOUGHT: What if your own good friends did it? (;
You know... just for fun :D :D

Okay, okay, that wouldn't have happened :P
I need to shut up :P
I always do :P :P

~YWB: O yeah. I am =)

~Momal: Lol. My friends wouldn't have done that. After all they knew they'd be the one fixing the tyres :P
Oh, and welcome to my blog =)

Chumpoo says:

My friends wouldn't have done that. After all they knew they'd be the one fixing the tyres :P
hahaha.I liked it man! I really really liked it! :>

bhai ap ne ye bht acha blog banaya hai aur apka page rank bhi bht acha ha kya ap ne aur bhi koi site banai ha ya nahi............???

~Chumpoo: Lol. Baat kerdi...mein ney! :P

~Maroof: Behen tareef kernay ka bohat shukria. Aur jee nahi, meri aur koi blog/site nahi :P

NEWS ALERT: I'm a guy! :D

NEWS ALERT: I disagree! :p

Chumpoo says:

@Maroof: ye site bana bana kar sadar me Empress market me bechti hay. Chooza wala k barabar me iska thela hay.

Chumpoo says:

see, guys kitna achay hotay hain.. is lia agar iqbal nay kaha k:

Wajood-e-Zan se hay Tasweer-e-Kainat Me Rang tu mey kahta houn kay:

Wajood Mard se hay Nizam-e-Kainat mey Dhang!! :D

i fear why some dreams come true

~Chumpoo: Lol. I agree. =)
[Dekha, mein logoan ki ghalat baatein bhee maan jati houn] :P

~Zain: I'm still thankful that that dream didn't come true completely! =D
And welcome to my blog =)

Anonymous says:

this time i did only two next time all four.

~Anon: Oye hoye!!! Ye kon nikla bhaie? :P
Let me know when you intend to do that, I'd be ready with my rifle :P

Anonymous says:

Go and check ur car now this time all 4.


~Anon: *thishkiyaoun thishkiyoun* :P
And my car is Alhamdolillah fine =)
The affected one would be in search of you :P

Anonymous says:

it's a joke.Good blog.


~Anon: *takes a sigh of relief* Ahh, thanks for clarifying or I would have got a cardiac stroke now :P

And thanks for appreciation =)

Practical joke even i am not in KARACHI.

Heh, jojo actually had to register a blogspot id ...just to make you believe that he didn't really mean that!!

Who cares!

I'm praying for biryani. :P

i love Briyani especially masalay wali.

~Jojo: Lol. =)

~Jingoooist: Even I am confused :P

~Senilius: tch tch tch. Ghar mein kuch khanay ko nahi milta kia? :P

~AliBaba: You will get a masalay wali biryani. Senilius will get a baghair masalay wali :P

rasheed says:

Assalam o alaikum!
incident like the one mentioned above teach us a good lesson that once v c somebody in trouble if v cannot help him atleast v should feel the agony n pain of the one who is in mess...u r lucky to have such good friends...salute to them...buck up boys nobviously the girlsas well

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam.
I did feel the pain and anger of that guy who had his 4 wheels flat =( Then why did it happen with me? ='(


have you try Bombay biryani bohat masala hota hai or try sindhi biryani you will love it.

Memoni Biryani is very Good oooh but i am on diet .

~Ali Baba: I have tried Punjabi biryani too :P Have you tried it? ;)

I am briyani expert i tried all kind of biryani but now i am on diet i can't eat briyani any more; AAb bus ALLAH ALLAH yaah phir only soup.

~AliBaba: Aray wah! Great to know that. :D
Your diet seems more like a saza *shrugs*

I just have my Lunch @ 0315pm Chicken tandoori no oil with IZZE drink all natural,ALLAH Sabir karnay waloo kay sath hoota hai.

~AliBaba bhai: Chicken tandoori with no oil??? *sigh* Allah aap ki khanay se related duaein qubool karay. Ameen :P

uff too many comments, but Thank God I never had such issues :P

I promise to lose 40lb so I am trying do what i can. After my car accident and my back surgery I haven't been able to play squash for last 4yrs.

~Acro: Kisi ki duanein nahi lagien ab tak? :P

~AliBaba: It's saddening to hear that. I hope you accomplish your target soon =)

that just shows i am a good driver :p

Lol. Apnay muu mian mithu :P

:P i just used ur theory to conclude

~Acro: Hawww, cheater cheater! :P :P

Anonymous says:

And... lol... yeah, I agree...
But, well, you never know :D

:P :P

~Momal: Lol. I know they don't like to work in this scorching heat :P

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