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[WARNING: Dinky Mind's in the mood of bragging today, so don't be jealous :P]

Alhamdolillah I know cooking (at least I can satisfy my tummy meter), I know baking (I've got a few specialities too :P), I'm good at studies, I know driving, I know shooting and I'm pretty good at all the other household chores too (Remember, I enjoy doing laundry and ironing clothes? :P). But there's one thing I don't know and that's Stitching clothes!!! Like not even 1% do I know about it. I just can't cut a cloth piece. Or stitch it. I just know how to pass a thread through a needle and stitch a button on a shirt. Okay, that makes it 1% now :D hehehe.

I'm 100% dependent on my Momma to stitch clothes for me. I rarely like ready-made clothes because they rarely fit me. And I don't even like clothes stitched by tailors. They either fit my shirts too much or stitch them on a fat woman's size :/ I can't tolerate such things. In the end I have to pay them for ruining my clothes. :/

So, that day, I asked Momma to teach me how to stitch.

Momma: *her immediate reaction* "Whaaaaat? You and Stitching???"
Me: *innocently* "Just for a change?" :p

I can't brag about anything related to stitching. But it reminds me that in grade 6th, I once stitched an apron (which is now neatly packed and placed with my other dowry stuff). Hahahaha. :D Oh, and I did not make it using a sewing machine. We had to hand-stitch it :/ That's probably THE only thing I've ever stitched (wait till Dinky Mind recalls anything else) :P

Prayers needed for this Dinkum.

Cheerio folks =)



A hand stitched apron...haha dude thats still effort. Probably even more than the hard-core-stitching using a sewing machine =| ....point being, there is hope! lol ..Good luck anyway =P

~Brok3n: Lol. That was almost a decade ago :D And there is no hope now :D

Cool :D I also have a hand stitched apron..from school days! (er, basically the design on it...that was stitched..the apron itself wasn't)

:S But I have no desire to learn sewing.. because I would suck at it, like i do in every other householdy chore..

(except maybe making French toast :P).......................and coffee?? :P

~Uni: I made fruits on it, and all of them were hand stitched :D
Even i don't have a desire to learn sewing, but I know someday I'd have to try my hands on it. There's no choice for me :D

wanna compete with me in knowing things ;) !!

~Ubiad: Oh, I'm soooo scared :P Khair, chalo bata do ab :D

ok lambi list hai ... actually felt like showing off :D ...

i know:
Driving a car, bus, motorcycle and even a tractor
Pretty good in studies
Making financial reports
Doing Audit
Making hand made cards
Screen printing
Making websites
making hand made pots
Making western food
making drinks
doing laundry and ironing clothes
i know how to put buttons on my shirt
Making logo's, flyers, bill boards,
digital arts
traditional arts
fixing my whole car
and even re wiring it
to fix whole pc (i really mean whole)
i know how to wash my car too
oh yeah horse riding too

there is still lots to come... main bhool gaya houn adhi cheezain :( !!

and oh yeah i know stain glass
did i mention i know fabric painting ??
aaaaa.... hmmmmm .... oh yeah i have done photoshoots of models too
i know how to present things
i know debating, and acting...

and ... hmmm i know more things just can't remember more

*proud of my self*

and did i tell u that i am very self obsessed ;) !!

~Ubaid: I've steered a ship too. Have you? :P

Of all those above things, I do NOT know:
1. screen printing
2. digital arts
3. re-wiring the car (heck, that's a pure guy-ish stuff)
4. Fixing pc *grumbles*

I know fabric painting too :P And I know all the other things you've mentioned above. ;p

no but i have flown a helicopter once ....

so u saying u know photography too ?? ahan... and stain glass too ??

I must have forgotten stain glass thing, but I do know photography :P

Hmm. Ppl, it was only about stitching :p hehe. Good luck for the dinkum!

acha stop fighting :p !!

LOL@ Ubaid's comment.

I stay as far away from stitching a s possible! :P Not at all interested in it! :P

rasheed says:

Assalam o alaikum!
Alhamd o lilaah i can stitch a button on a shirt...i would advise u as a brother that u must take the stitiching classes seriously...from ur mommmy ofcourse...it is also a creative work,i suppose

~Ahmer: Lol. Thanks for reminding :D

~Ubaid: Lol. Alor, bien sür :P

~Siras: I'm interested in wearing trendy clothes only :D

~Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam. Lol. Thanks for the advice. =) I'm trying my best to learn something :D

is this pashto :s ??

Chumpoo says:

Alhamdolillah I know cooking (at least I can satisfy my tummy meter), I know baking (I've got a few specialities too :P), I'm good at studies, I know driving, I know shooting and I'm pretty good at all the other household chores too
Good, so you are saying that your mom is preparing you for your Future Susral? Atleast I get this message from your post :P

Ohh goodness it actually reminds me that I know about 20% of stitching .. yay :D

*Brags about herself in her heart* :D

BTW ever tried changing the tailor ;)

~Ubaid: Non, c'etait français :P

~Chumpoo: Hahaha. I was just in the mood of bragging. And what would my susral walay do with my shooting? :D That would scare the hell outta them, no? :P

~Asma: Lol. Cool yer. :D I have tried half a dozen tailors and I seriously don't have the strength to get more of my dresses ruined :( I'm a silly perfectionist =(

@ All: Dinky Mind recalls that she once made covers for the refrigerator handles too :P Yayyyy! That makes 2% now :P

sanu french nahi aanddiii :( !!

Wow. Pretty impressed by the amount of stuff people know in here (and by the fact that they are all ready to brag about it) Lol... that was an enjoyable read!

~Ubaid: Fir tussi haar gaii oo :p

~Dhanya: Hehe. We're silly people :P

haye main sadqay jawaan... haar tay vay main kaday daa thaa... sohnyo naal haran daa mazaa eee kuj hor aaii .... ki dasan tainu...


(by the way it took me 8 mins just to right that... i can understand punjabi but i don't have a lehja for speaking it)

~Ubaid: 8 minutes to write it or 'right' it? :P
Although I don't understand the second sentence of your funjabi, but it was really fun reading it. :D

Oh, and it seemed like I tuned to Filmazia :D I love to watch punjabi movies on it, just for fun. Don't ever think I'm a fan of Saima Jee :D

oh oh ... typical mistake :p ... I MEANT WRITE !! well i am a fun guy *winks* ;) !!

and ohhh FILMAZIA ... yukhhhhh !!

*coughs* Achawwww? :D

Filmazia is not yukkk. If you really want some entertainment, filmazia is the best source :P You mustn't have read



Chumpoo says:

who knows you are learning shooting to kill your saas and Nands? :D

Lol. Astaghfirullah! :D

i just read that ... OMG how can u even bear watching that ... i would shoot my self if i had to watch that (or i think i just have a nack for suicide :p)

~Ubaid: Aray bhai, I'm not a filmazia addict :D Itna bura waqt nahi aaya abhi :D I just watch that channel to enjoy some Punjabi :D

lol @ 'just for a change'

Chumpoo says:

kia astaghfirullah. i Know I am right.

don't lie. last time you told me that you are big fan of Shafqat Cheema and Saima.

p.s: Suna hay Jawed shaikh got hurt when he found out that Sana married with someone.

ghazab khuda ka.. Apni beti se bhe choti larki sa shadi k khwab dekh raha hay.. :(

~Jingo bhai: Lol. Yeah :D

~Chumpoo: Ye Shafqat Qeema kon hein? :P
Bhaie, Jawed Sheikh ka bhee dil hay :P

ahan chalo good hai ... but i still ain't gonna watch it :p !!

~Ubaid: Na dekho. :p

haan nahi dekhoun gaa... u can't force me to watch :p buahhahah !!

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