I am half dead

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, August 22, 2004 in
Hi readers,
wait a seco...*sneezes*....aaatishoo....(Alham do lillah)... OMG...These days I am not feeling well. Today's the fourth day that I am suffering from this killing headache. I just don't know why my head loves to ache to much. Urgh! Furthermore, the frequency of my sneezes and the amplitude of my cough is sharply increasing. I just don't know how to control it. Today, I didn't eat anything, and drank nothing but mugs filled with boiled water. Ohh God, help me. Now, my head seems to be a balloon filled with water only, and if nudged, will burst. I cant even yawn, it
seems to me as if spikes have grown in my throat. Each and every pore of my body is begging for some rest. Ufff...why is this happening with me?
Right now, I've got that mug of water in my one hand, and loadsa tissue papers in the other. (Don't think I'm typing with my toes). My nose is all red, just like a clown's nose. Urgh! I'm sure, in this week, Rose Petal Tissue Paper company will experience a sharp rise in its sales, as I have become their loyal customer.... aaa....3 x aaatishooo....(Alham do lillah)..Triple sneeze, actually! Enough of it now. Man, I just feel like taking off my nose right now...aaa....aatishoo... Iam half dead.
Amigos, please pray for my health.



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