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According to my friend, Aneela, a person who has a white hair is immensely loved by someone. I've got 2 :P But I don't believe in her myth. Hehe. These white hair bug me a lot. They aren't actually white, but very prominently silver :/ My Momma says that this is the result of the hair dye I once applied 3 years ago :) But I argued that the roots of these hair are silver, and tips are black-brown. She thought of another reason. She said because I use conditioner very often, that's why I'm having white hair :/ I can't live without conditioning my hair after shampoo. I just can't stand dry/oily hair. I admit I've got the worst type of hair - a lil oily, a lil wavy, thin, and uljhay huay (see the picture) - but I want to do everything to make them look fresh, healthy, shiny, straight, and LONG!

You might want to know what have I applied on my hair up till now. Read it all here and here. Earlier I got very worried, but then I noticed many people in my university (yeah, I actually looked at their heads for a long time) :P. I found out that a course mate of mine has got too many white hair. Saw two guys having very few black hair, and so on. This thing has become very common nowadays. So, can you please help and tell me what causes white hair to shoot up from our heads? :/

Dinky Mind is very worried and confused (and is losing hair at the speed of candle light) :(



Anonymous says:

No problemo dear....go for a hair treatment.
ab its your luck that the later one is happening to you first.

my advise is to stop using each and every thing/totka to your hair.

Anonymous says:

I think yeh sab "guzarti umar and dhalti shaam" ka qasoor hai

Anonymous says:

Sahi me guzarti umar aur dhalti shaam ka kasoor hai, waise Aneela k hisab se to muj par meri biwi k alawa aur bhi kai kudia fida hain, tabhi meri biwi ko insecurity lagi rehti hai, :P

Anonymous says:

~Biya: That's the only option left now :( And thanks for waking up and replying to my posts :P Keep replying, else... :P

~Samz: Lol. Ab itni bhee umer ziada nae dhali :P Btw, Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting :)

~Kumar: Hahaha... So go and find all those pretty kurrian :P And welcome to my blog :) And I like your blog name :D

Anonymous says:

Kumar, there are other reasons bhabi feels insecure. I am sure you don't want me to reveal them here :-)

Dinky,I also have 7-10 white/gray hair. Does it mean atleast 7 people are in love with me. Also, Aneela didn't mention whether I'm being by loved by opposite sex or same sex. Offcourse it would be like a nightmare for me if I find that Kumar is in love with me. :-)

Aww, don't worry about it. Worrying will just make it worse. It's all to with stress and diet.

Anonymous says:

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Anonymous says:

I dunno what the reason iz for the white hair.. i've heard the guys who make excessive use of hair gel get their hair to turn white.. dunno though :?

Anonymous says:

Go for some protien or herbel kind of hair treatment
I am sure it will work,(InshaAllah) as one of my friend had same problem and she took some 2-3 treatments one afer another and noew she has really good hairs
( I wish I could so this much carfeul for my self ...)

errrrrrrrrrr its common to have couple of white hair everyone does if u look closely, chillllllllllllllllllll

Anonymous says:

sorry i forget to post comment in your post..

well i have 3 hairs white and i cant cut it because if i cut it , it grows quickly :(


Anonymous says:

~Adnan: Haha...If you have 7-10 white hair it simply means you're getting old :P

~Siras: Yeah, my Momma also says my diet needs serious attention :( Keep pwaying :(

~YouTee: Oh, sure. Me going to read :)

~Kamran: Me has never used any gel :( Do you use gel? Do you have white hair? My bro doesn't although he uses excessive gel :/

~Ash: really? Ask her for the details please. I'm so interested in this thing.

~Acro: You're trying to make me feel better na? :( Hehehe :P

~YouTee: Haye! Same problem with me YouTee bro :( I once plucked them and after a week it grew again by 3 inches!!!! That rapidly! *sigh* :(

Anonymous says:

dinky siddiqi, everyone gets old. Are you not getting old? :-)

Anonymous says:

Ummm, no. I'm getting younger with every passing day ;) Be optimistic :P

Anonymous says:

lol go for
Kaleee Mehndii

Anonymous says:

mentally? :P

Anonymous says:

~Jingo: Should I? :P

~Chumpoo: Ufff! :P

Anonymous says:

Hey I dunno.. i just heard it, lekin han I did use hair gel for some time and I did get white hair after that! So stopped using it! :S gel bhi meri 2 number nahi thi achi quality ki thi lekin still! =(

Anonymous says:

~Kamran: Awww, so sad. Now what do you do to hide your white hair?
Lol @ the way you clarified that your gel was not "2 number ki" :D Straw in thief's beard :P

no :P I am just saying dont lose sleep over it :P and no need for a treatment :P

~Acro: You don't want me to look like you, right? :P You can't be that mean :D

Anonymous says:

She took some herbal treatment first and then protein one
(Prescribed by her beautician + nutritionist)
so it's recommended to ask/discuss with your trusted beautician first before going for any unknown thing

~Ash: Sounds awesome. I better consult a qualified beautician for my hair :(

Uphhhhhh same problem,
I started having grey hairs when i was ONLY 16 (this only is for grey hairs), I think it was genetic cause my Mom and elder Sis also got grey hairs in their early 20s.
I never treated my hair with with any hairdye or mehndi. I just love it, and I don't think it is something I should I hide or cover. Even people ask me that from where I had my hair streaking done and when I tell them that it is natural they don't believe it.
But Umema! if you don't like it you can easily get rid of it by using some branded hair colors like L'Oreal's etc. as far as I know, once you get those grey hairs ... you can't get rid of it. (Sad I Know)
But hey here's the good news. You can get rid of your damaged hairs in few months, all you have to do is keeping patience and having 5 to 6 protien treatments.
After that try this....
Keep oiling your hairs regularly. if you don't have time to give gentle massage to your hairs and scalp, then everynight just oil your hairs and shampoo ém. STOP CONDITIONER and Just substitute your conditioners with serum.Conditioner makes hair dry & application at the roots causes massive hairfall.
When you finished shampooing; just rub your towel gently on your hair & scalp.Then; apply serum part by part at your hair n scalp as well.(towel-dry hair is the best for serum application).Now brush the hair.You'll see serum softens & smoothens the hair so brushing goes easier whereas it also slows down your hairfall.
After applying serum; just leave the way your hair is or blow-dry.
Loreal' Professional Range or if you are over 35; opt for Kerastase Age Solution range.Works very well.
Something About Serum:
Serum is not like mousse.Its a liquid non-stick (unlike oil) formation of nutrients & protein for your scalp and hairs.

~Saba: First of all, welcome to my blog :) Secondly, I'm not 35. I'm 22 *flutters lashes* :P
Now coming to the point: If I don't use conditioner, I just feel more irritated. I mean I can't stand dry hair. Conditioners make them very smooth. I don't even use Livon. I'm never satisfied with it.
What if I apply Dove's serum? Is it good?
And as far as the hair dye is concerned, my hair have a very good natural shade. Its just that I wanted to give them a new color :( And now I'm having 2 silly white hair :(
I really appreciate your detailed comment. And I will follow each and every bit of it, but first I better ask my beautician about it =)
Keep visiting :)

Chumpoo says:

Ab saba tumha tamam tips muft mey thori batai gi? wo tu sampletha :P ab apni jaib khali karo aur saba sahiba k clinic jakar treatment karwao :D

I have never tried Dove's Serum, so I can't say anything about it. And it would be better to visit some hair specialist (rather than muft mashwara begums like me) atleast she can advise after examine your hair texture. (awaien mien baal chalay gaye tofilm galay parh jaye gi) =)

Wese I really liked your advice, Wela bethnay se behtar hai m ien koi aisa muft mashwaray ka cilinic khol hi daloon. ^_^

~Chumpoo: Lol @ Sample tha :D Haan ji, I know I've to spend money to get good hair :(

~Saba: hahaha... You just tension not. Mein to har aik se poochti phirti houn, and still I do nothing to my hair :D
And don't listen to chumpoo. He's not a good guy :P *waits to see both of them fighting* :D

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