I'm Different!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, February 15, 2009 in ,
You laugh cause I'm different, I laugh cause you're all the same!

On my notebook.



What the...!

Anonymous says:

....Heck! :P
Kia hay bhai? This was supposed to be funny :P Itni tension nae laitay :P

from which angle, 90? 45? 60 or 30 this is funny :P?

Anonymous says:

write it in sane textual format so that it could be read :D

Anonymous says:

Yup, this is one of the coolest things said! =P

Anonymous says:

cool sharing
thanks dinky...:)

Anonymous says:

aah.. i didn't know that it could be easly read after clicking on image.

really.. champoo panay ki had kardi meyne :(

Anonymous says:

~Acro: 210 degrees :P It has the word "laugh" in it :P

~Chumpoo: Wear your specs ;)

~Kamran: O yeah :D

~Ash: Thanks for liking :)

~Chumpoo: Shukar, apni ghalti accept to ki :P

Oooh nice! :D

Anonymous says:

Thanks for liking, Siras :)

Anonymous says:

nice saying .... its not funny but it give sense of deep thinking

Anonymous says:

nice saying .... its not funny but have some sense ..


Anonymous says:

~YouTee: Yea, I liked it a lot :)

Anonymous says:

all of us are the same??

No. Some are like others. And some are opposite of them

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