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Biya and I today went to buy a gift for .... :P We went to this nearest mall, which we call Maila Mall. And gosh, it was all red - red Nokia balloons, red decorated doors, heart-shaped everything. And the place was full of so many cheapingey (ultra cheap) people, who were also dressed in red and in such bright, cheekhtay huay shades of red! Damn!

When we entered the place, we realized we came on the wrong day. And then how awful one feel when they see couples wearing red and holding hands (Yeah, I'm so jealous of them) :P OMG, you won't believe what kind of people, especially girls, I saw today. At leat I couldn't believe my eyes. Girls (3 of them) hardly 13-15 years old were dressed in vibrant red dresses and were searching for their "someone". Haha. I mean that's sad, for sure, but all of such "Item bombs" were making me crack up every now and then :D Plus I saw a bunch of some 7-8 women, of varying ages, all dressed in red, and all fat! And majority of them were wearing capris. Ewww...capris on black, elephant-like legs. Yuck!!! Imagine those pastry faces with red glosses and red, shiny, long earrings. My sis said these do not seem to belong to good families. And that seemed true, when I tried to scrutinize their faces. *sigh* Aaj ka zamana. And to be honest, every girl that I saw in the mall did not seem to belong to a good family. Faces say it all!

Enjoy :P

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

I agree with you dinky. i don't know why today is speacl for love , i think true love don't want the day or time , it just need care and believe. today you saw are just making fun of so called love..


Anonymous says:

I saw today. At least I couldn't believe my eyes. Girls (3 of them) hardly 13-15 years old were dressed in vibrant red dresses and were searching for their "someone".
I witnessed the same when I went to KFC to pick my cousin up from her party.

I already faced that Capri shock dinky few months back while returning from Hakim sons, I saw an aunty (would be in 35+… aram se) was wearing white see-through stuff's Capri and scrap of same stuff in her neck with turquoise color sleeveless shirt..
Since that day I quiet wearing one of my very dear dress of same color combination… even though it’s proper shalwar kameez with the length of three- quarter selves.but still when ever I saw that dress of mine.. it reminds me those black spotted elbows and anklets of that aunty with extra-ordinary fat under her skin of arms.
I am not that fat but still I keep in mind before shopping any thing for my self that what would suit more on me in a decent way
Don’t know what happened to aaj kal ki aunties.

Anonymous says:

@ YouTee: I agree with you that true love don't want the day or time but I know many people around me who keep indulge their selves in so many things that they even couldn’t remember their wedding anniversary or other special occasion’s date.
So this kind of universal days help those to remind them "you are still not that late dude.. You can also express your love today with your wife. children, parents ,sibling friends and anyone you feel for)
But here I have a complain from our society too and that’s very much valid (according to me) as they only promote some universal days like Christmas, mother’s day, valentine’s day, friendship day
There are so many other days which no one even notice like:
Father’s day, Family day, Aids Day, Cancer day, children’s day, siblings day and a lot more others.

Anonymous says:

holding hands (Yeah, I'm so jealous of them)

why? :P

waisay I personally hate PDA[I learnt this term few months ago from a lady] :P

for the rest of your post. Yes it's pretty sad. I accidentally sit infront of TV and guessed what? every channel was trying its best to defeat other channel to celebrate V-day.

I don't know how do you figure out one's background via "faces" but reality is that even girls of good family could fall in trap. Surely the enlightened and moderation started by your Hero[Musharraf] :P is acting like slow poison for this society.

damnit my comment is lost :S, am not typing again :(

oh well it was something about how I hate it when people(read kidos) all get cheesy n mushy on 14th, if u keep it under sober then its fine. I didnt check malls here but am sure it wud have been same :P, damn entertainment missed :((

I agree with Adnan anyone can fall in trap, there so many things becoming acceptable now days within families for good or bad

Anonymous says:

Acro, the problem is that our respected middle class ladies are following it more blindly than elite class of "pull k us paar". In past girls of middle class were polluted by desi urdu mags like 'Khawateen Digest' and 'Shuwa' who always sent them in imaginary world and now channels are playing same role to ruin immature minds.

I think we will have to pay more attention to our future generation which is really in danger but..how can we expect good upbringing from future parents who are currently busy in shopping malls and celebrating V-day.

Dinky, you mentioned a 15 years old girl. I remember that I attended the first and last concert of my life when Bryan Adams came Karachi. I was surrounded by so called elite class. Me as a North Nazimabadi guy felt so restless among them. The thing which gave me an *electric shock* was when a 14/15 years old girl asked me for a cigarette lighter. I politely refused her because I am not a smoker. Even if I was a smoker, I was not going to give her anyway. I used to think about weird things about posh areas but didn't know k halat itna khaab hain

Anonymous says:

~YouTee: These days are celebrated to show the world how much we "care". :/

~Ash: I haven't written many of the details related to dressing. Yes, they were that horrible. I won't comment much on the aunties or their dressing. It's futile.

~Adnan: What's PDA? I'm curious now! :D Apna media has gone nuts. Tonight Geo will be showing Titanic in Urdu :D Simply cracked me up when I read the news :D

~Acro: You missed the fun, Acro. Wahan to ziada "ronaq" hogi na :P

Anonymous says:

~Adnan: She asked for just a lighter, right? That's really nothing. Seriously. Aaj kal kia ho raha hay, you have no idea. Ok, you must have it, but we can't discuss those shameless acts and all. What else can we ask for other than help and repentance from the Almighty

Anonymous says:

i agree with you DM , but the question is , the degree of care and love stuck on just one day and date ? y we are posing like this , wake up we are Muslims AlhumdurAllah y we follow Catholic , anyhow we are celebrating this day just for fun and the big reason for outing with partner :)

well i need you to read thoroughly this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine%27s_Day


Anonymous says:

Dinky, thora boht idea hay..thankfully I am not a resident of an elite area of Karachi but yes better not discuss it. One can clearly see two opposite sides of coin in posh areas of Karachi. At one side Farhat Hashmi is busy in Tableegh and making posh girls to wear Ibaya and Hijab then on other hand filthiness is expanding among families.

Adnan its just not posh areas, our society is fast becoming polarized, extreme on both ends which is scary.

yea all 365 days shud be valentines :P, woohoo

Anonymous says:

~YouTee: Yeah. And Im sure all those *couples* reading this would be cursing us :D Thanks for the link :)

~Adnan: We can just pray for the betterment of our society, werna haalaat bohat kharab hein aaj kal.

~Acro: people would then invent a "Non Valentine" day then :P We all need a reason bus.

The saddest bit is they're like what 13, 14 years old, this is NOT the age to be into all this. This is the age to make stupid, crazy memories with your friends.

Anonymous says:

Our zamana is going nuts!!! Koi haal nahi

Anonymous says:

siras: they are going to make crazy memories with their girl/boy friends :-)

Lol @ Chumpoo :D

@DM: Yeah!! :|

@Chumpoo: Uh, memories they might live to regret!

Anonymous says:

why regret?regret has no relationship with age. Those who regret are those who make blunders and there is no law that kids will always make blunders. I have seen that even people of mature age make silly childish mistakes in life and later they regret.

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