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Another tag, yayyyy :D This time I'm tagged by Sadia (my twin sista in Blogistan) :P

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again

1. My lawn.
2. My room
3. Karsaz
4. University :(

4 People Who Mail Me Regularly

1. Laura K. Lawless :P
2. Facebook :/
3. My friends :D
4. Apple.

4 of My Favourite Places to Eat (Apart from Home)

1. The Pakistani in Sheraton. Such nice crockery they've got.
2. BBQ tonight, for the chunni munni stainless steel karahis :D and the food's really awesome too.
3. My sista's house. Omg! She cooks THE best food!
4. Maanchi-made Qeema with achar at Nani's place :)

4 Places I’d Rather be Now

1. Karsaz.
2. My lawn with my pet Bug :(
3. On my favorite Oyster Rocks.
4. With Ritz and Sana out on lunch :(

4 Favourite TV Shows

1. That's so Raven
2. Hole in the Wall
3. Friends.
4. Looney Tunes.

4 People I would like to tag

1. Siras.
2. Adnan.
3. Acro
4. Kamran

Cheerio folks =)



...aaaaaaaaand umem landed where she started. A walk in circle in the template world. :D

Lol. Was having wayyyy too many problems in the other ones. Don't worry, I'd change it to a better one soon :)

Anonymous says:

ok finally I can see the comment box and can you pls remove top commentors sections? it gives me feeling that i am such a 'farigh' insaan on earth while this is not true at all. :p. See I changed my alias. :-)


Anonymous says:

I love BBQ too to have dinner ... =)

u seems to be very social lady ...rite ?

Anonymous says:

*jhappii to my twin-sister* Oh, you also have a sister who cooks better than you:P I feel ashamed when my younger sister knows how to cook when i'm still a amateur.

I used to watch every episode of "That's so Raven" when they showed it on Disney Channel:p hihi... where is karsaz? Would you explain it for us who dont know where that is *angelface*

Anonymous says:

~Chumpoo Deen: Lol @ your alias :P Suits you perfectly :P Now I'm sure Chumpoo Deen will beat Adnan Siddiqi :P

~YouTee: Umm, not that social, I just like to fine beauty and fun in everything I see or everywhere I go :)

~Baq2Life: *hugs back* Oh yeah, very well than me. Awww, 'tis okay. You'd also learn someday ;)
I soo soo love That's So Raven. Too bad they don't show it now :(
Karsaz is in Karachi :P near the airport. :D

Anonymous says:

Now I'm sure Chumpoo Deen will beat Adnan Siddiqi :P

dang! I didn't realize this at all :(

p.s: How does it suit me perfectly?

p.p.s: It's not champoo deen.

Anonymous says:

I 'think' it suits you in someway :D

Aww, you like Looney Tunes! :D
I wish I was out on lunch with my friends too! :(

Will do tag soon, thanks for tagging! :D

Anonymous says:

~Siras: Especially the Road Runner show :P

LOL!! What about Bugs Bunny?

Anonymous says:

lol @ 'University :(' =D

and hey hows your pet bug!? =)

Anonymous says:

~Siras: Luhf that too :D

~Kamran: Lol. It keeps flying here and there. Yeah, that's the first time I got to know that these tiny bugs can fly too :$ how ignorant of me :(

Anonymous says:

"Karsaz is in Karachi :P near the airport."

huh?? which airport??

Anonymous says:

~Chumpoo: For a rough idea, Chumpoo! Karsaz is still near to Airport than Defence :|

Anonymous says:

but why Defence is being mentioned?

aur is me udaas hona k kia baat hay? tum kaho tu tumhara ghar k barbar me jo khali plot hey tu wahan Airport banwadain? wahan par tum kaghaz ka jehaz din bhar urati rahna :P

Tag done! =D

And sorry, but the name Chumpoo is sending me into fits of laughter. :P

Anonymous says:

Saira, I am happy that i gave you a laughter

agar itna he pasand hay tu kisi Chumpoo se shadi karlayna.Chumpoo'on ki kami nahi dunya mey. :-)

Anonymous says:

~Chumpoo: Kar di na chumpoo'oun wali baat! :P

~Siras: Oooh, another one? :O

Anonymous says:

tum ney na?

~Chumpoo: Kis ka naam Chumpoo hai yahan per? :P

Anonymous says:

jo kahta hay wohi hota hay. :P

Anonymous says:

Abhi kon keh raha hay? :P

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

*sighs* Koi faida nae!

LOL!! Noo, I was telling you I've done the tag! :p

@ Chumpoo: Ab I don't like it that much that I'd marry a Chumpoo. :P
I still haven't got over the funniness of the name. :P

Anonymous says:

Lol. Yeah. Dinky Mind ki batti dayr se jali :P

Anonymous says:

sighs* Koi faida nae!

Faida nahi horaha tu Faraza Dawakhana Dastageer Number 9 Karachi se CHOORAN ley aur khalo. InshaAllah Faida hoga.

@saira: :(

Awww, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Sowwie! =(

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