Meet my pet =)

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Name: Bug Bebe.
Alias: Bugaboo.
Age: Not to be disclosed.
Gender: Must be a female as it is berry cute ;)
Residence: Tulsi plant.
Favorite Quote: Bug off! :P
Contact me at: bugmenot@bugsland.com

I found this cutie pie in our lawn one day. I hope I don't have to reiterate how happy I am on having this lawn. We have grown roses - loads of them, vegetables - potatoes (my eternal supply of french fries), sarsoun (ka saag?), methi, oranges, coriander, mint, and that's it I guess! :D We're planning to plant a lot of other veggies and fruits. Thanks to Tahira Khala for sending me so many packs of seeds =)

I found this bug on our Tulsi plant, and it was looking sho cutie, I just couldn't resist taking her pictures :) It's shell was so shiny, it looked very... cute :D I like miniature things :) Mind you, it's things I'm talking about, and not people :P

Check out these ones. Awww... Sho pwetty, no? :D

So how do you find my cutie buggy and her rainbow family? =)



Finally! Dinky mind gets a pet that suits her. :P

Anonymous says:

Lol :D So true =)

lol at shuaib :D :D

~Acro: I smell something bad :P Don't make you mind work too hard now :P

Such a cutie pet! =D

And I absolutely, completely, madly, adorably love this template of yours! =D

Wooahoo! Nice theme! I see that this theme was originally made for Wordpress blogs. You modified it for blogger or are the two engines following the same template structure?

~Siras: Thanks for liking it, but I've to edit a million and 3 things in it. And I'm the one who doesn't know the D-E-F of this HTML :(

~Shuaib: Yep, and probably that's the reason why it isn't working that properly on blogger :'(

Anonymous says:

cute: )

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