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I'm feeling so down. :( And a lil feverish. I detest this feeling. Right now I'm feeling so cold, I'm wearing a woolen sweater and woolen socks :/ And wearing all these sweaters make me feel so irritated. Hah! I miss you, sweet Summers :(

Anyway, prayers needed. I need to get out of this feeling and I have to keep reminding myself to take medicines. Yep, I always, ALWAYS forget to take medicines. *sigh* Rusted Dinky Mind :(

Have to go to a dinner tomorrow :P *flutters eyelashes* ;) So I needa get well real soon!!!

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I think I'm 50% fine now :D



Anonymous says:

Get well soon gal!

Anonymous says:

kia koi tumhari bhains le kar bhag gyaa?

wiase bhains mard hay ya aurat? i often get confused :(

Aww.. get well soooon! :D

You need warm chicken soup! :)

Anonymous says:

ahh love.. always does the trick!

Anonymous says:

have enough rest and fries .....
u'll b back in shape in no time :P


Anonymous says:

~Ash: Awww, thankoo. Can't even hug you, fever might transfer :P

~Chumpoo: Bhains is a lady/woman/female :P Ab don't remind me of that bhains email :P

~Shuaib: Guys! :P

~Siras: Hehehe. Thanks. I need milk. And Momma's scolding me even right now :(

~American desi: Lol. It's not love, it's the weather :P Welcome to my blog :)

~Yesterday: Awww, shweeet. Thanks for the idea of french fries. But Momma says one shouldn't havy oily food in fever :(

Anonymous says:

feel the freshness of fruits and juices and try to grap it by taking them ... then u will get well very soon Inshallah :)


Anonymous says:

someone mentioned love hair.. its 14th and you have fever too.. *daal mey kuch kaala hay* :P

dinky, thanks for updating my knowledge regarding bhains. If bhains is female then bhains k husband ko kia kahtay hain. please tell..

Anonymous says:

s/hair/here :-)

Anonymous says:

~YouTee: Thanks for the suggestion. Will try for sure :)

~Chumpoo: Daal puri kaali hay :P Bhains ka husband bull hota hay. Shayad :D

Anonymous says:

kia kaha? Bhains' husbnd bullies? hey husbands never bully!! they are innocent and becharay :P

Anonymous says:

Aray BULL. Wo jo Spain mein hotay hein na. BULL. Bully nae :P

Anonymous says:

Sapnoo may hota hain? tumhara khuwab mey bulls atay hain? kia fever ka asar hay????

Lahol WalaQuat Illa Billah..

Chalo Jaldi se apna kaan pakro!!

Anonymous says:

~Chumpoo: *slaps forehead* Astaghfirullah!

lol lol :D :D

About Me
Dinky Mind
Me is eMa :D

no emostan suits , since u r getting fatso too so emostan suits the best :Ppp

Anonymous says:

ye kis k forehead par mara hay? apna he mara hoga hmm..

haan 100 bar Astaghfar ki Tasbeeh parho tum aur uska baad LaholwalaQuat ki.

Anonymous says:

~Acro: Shhhh...I really am getting fat. Will tell you a funny story related to it soon :D

~Chumpoo: Us se kia hoga? Would you disappear? :P

Anonymous says:

dinky bachay.. it's a misconception about Lahol Walaquat k ye sirf Shaitan Bhagana k liye hay. Lahol is such an awesome dua which is used to cure every disease on earth and the smallest disease which can be cured with it is "Gham" that is sorrows.
Reciting a tasbeeh of Laholwala Quat do wonders.

p.s: I am not a shiatan :P
p.p.s: u r getting fat... umm like Paindoos? :D

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