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ایک آدمی چپل پہن کر نماز پڑھ رھا تھا ۔ ایک چور کافی دیر سے تاک میں بیٹھا تھا ۔ جب وہ آدمی نماز پڑھ چکا تو چور نے پوچھا : “تم چپل پہن کر کیوں نماز پڑھ رھے ھو؟“
نمازی چپل آگے رکھنے لگا تو چور بولا: “چپل آگے رکھنے سے نماز نھیں ھوتی“۔
نمازی بولا: “چپل پیچھے رکھنے سے چپل نھیں ھوتی“۔



:P last week I was praying jumma I was thinking about this joke :P, coz my chappel was way behind

namaz mein dhiyaan ke bajai chappal mein dhiyaan? Bachu isi liay Allah Mian doesn't accept your duaein :P

Anonymous says:

hehe quite old joke waisey...
btw so true... rather then concentrating in the prayers we are actually solving our daily life problems during Namaz!

I must now believe that generations inherit jokes besides sharing a common history. Just a reminder for me that i am not that young now.

Anonymous says:

~Jingo: Seriously, is it that old? I heard it for the first time :P

~gh: Awww, koi baat nae :D And I don't go to mosques that often, just on Eids. So, I didn't know about this joke :P

Anonymous says:

Gun point par tum template check karwa rahi ho.. kia zamana agyaa hay :~~(

Kia zamana aa gaya hay? Mujhe bhee to pata chalay :P

duaon kay time pay I fully concentrate :P,

Handle with care? plastic mein wrap hojao like they do at the airport :P

tsk tsk kitnon say gun point pur u r getting ur template checked

Anonymous says:

i am loving your blog's new look
its soo soo soo kewl gal... :D
em luving it ... ;)

~Acro: Shukar, us waqt to attention aik he taraf hoti hay :D
I'm soon going to change it. You know how unpredictable my internet is :/
Lol. Bus 2 logoan se check kerwaya hay. Both of you were farigh, that's why :P

~Ash: Awww, thankoo :)

Anonymous says:

yie tu hota rehta hai bahie .....

i skip urdu posts! Especially with such tiny font!! :(

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