A new Bomb!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 in
I was teaching Bushi today and was helping him solve Urdu questions. The question goes like this.

سوال: نیزا ایک ھتھیار کا نام ھے۔ آپ پانچ ھتھیاروں کے نام لکھیں ۔

جواب میں میں نے کہا: پستول، غلیل، چاقو ۔۔۔

بوشی کھنے لگا: جی! جیسے کھ ڈنڈا، بیلٹ، آئٹم بم۔۔۔۔۔

Me: Oye! What is this "Item bomb"? :D

Bushi: It's like hand granade and all.

Me: Oh, you mean Atom Bomb? :P

Bushi: Jes, jes, Item Bomb :D



Geee, Bushi sounds so like you. :P

LOL!!! Aaj kal ke bache! :P

Anonymous says:

tsk tsk.. bachay ka kia qasoor? tum khud ghaalt samjhi. ;)

p.s: who is bushi?

Anonymous says:

~Shuaib: Lol. Because he is my brother :D

~Siras: Yeah :D

~Chumpoo: Jee nae, it wasn't like tht.

Anonymous says:

:D hehehe...

Anonymous says:

Heh, waisey to ye belt kub sey hathyar bun gayee ??

Anonymous says:

~Ash: :)

~Jingoist: I once told Bushi that one of my classmates used to get beaten up by a belt. His dad was very strict when it came to studies. And this story has stuck to Bushi's brain :D

lol cute kid :D

ahems item bomb thats bollywood reference :P

Anonymous says:

~Acro: I know :p

Really? :O

Anonymous says:

does not matter Item Bomb or Atom Bomb both are too dangerous for mankind ;) think beyound

koi kasoor nahie us ka dono apni jaga sahi hoo :D


Anonymous says:

Lol. Ye to hay :)

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