An eventful Sunday :)

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I had been waiting for spring for so long, and why? Because I wanted to go to Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim and spend some time with the beauty of nature. I love flowers. I love sea. So this time of the year, we decided to go to the Bagh on this Sunday. Plus, I love going to that place in the morning, around or after 7 am when it is closed :P And then we beg the guards to let us in for a few minutes :P Ah, silly we! :D I like the place when there's no one there - all MINE! I like reading the foundation stones. I like sitting there for a long time alone and talking to the grass, the trees. I like caressing the flowers and wishing them a happy morning and a bright new day :) I like the way sun rises, and how the sun rays illuminate every nook and corner. Ahhh! So damn refreshing!

Anyway, we went to the Bagh today around 7:05 am, took loadsa pictures, had a lot of fun. Then we went to Mc Donalds. I really love the Sea View wala Mc Donalds. There's this place with benches which face the sea, and it is so refreshing to sit there even if it is a bright sunny day (see the picture). A few Mc employees were cleaning the place when we went there. There's a skating area nearby, so I took out my roller skates and had a real fun time over there :D We also had the muffins I baked last night (around 1 am) :$ Ummi played with the crows and it was fun watching him trying his best to feed the crows some french fries :D Also met Bukhari Sahab of Bukhari Travels there with his 2 cutie grand daughters. He once came to our class and gave a very inspirational lecture.

When we left that place, we went to NORE-1. Yep, the place where I've spent 10 golden years of my childhood :) We went to the sea side. Took pictures of the gang way, pantoon, the sea, reflection and the boats :) Awww, I miss that place so much. There was this bouncing castle for kids in the park, and few rides for 2-3 olders. Bushi, Aashoo and Ummi went in to the castle and kept bouncing. And then I stepped in too :$ [Don't look at me like that :$ I know I won't ever grow up] *sighs*

Anyway, we then went for halwa puri at the famous Fresco. And returned home around 11 am :) Slept around 12:30 pm for an hour and a half, and then went to Mamoo's place for lunch. Yep, ultra Mutallo I'm getting, I know that. :/ Returned home around 7 pm or so, and then went to the parlour to get my eyeborws shaped up. Now that's what you call "university ki tayyari" :P Tomorrow would be the first day of my last semester. I'm gonna miss my uni :(

Okay, enough stories for today. My eyes are closing now.

*yawns* See ya tomorrow.

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I would like to thank our diligent City Nazim, Syed Mustafa Kamal for making and mainting this place so well and so beautifully. I got to know from the guards that he and Governor Sindh visit the Bagh almost twice a week and keep a check on the funtionality and beauty of it. I salute you for that! :) May you live long and continue making the city so beautiful. And I hope we all, the proud citizens, make it our priority to keep our city clean and green :)

PPS: Saw this "Shree Ratneswar Mahadev Temple" closely today. And was able to take two pictures quickly. I just love the wooden door. It's right next to the Bagh's entrance. Well, no, it is in the Bagh's limits and well maintained :)



Anonymous says:

I like the way sun rises, and how the sun rays illuminate every nook and corner. Ahhh! So damn refreshing!

uff CLifton k Ganday beech ki itni khoobsorat Manzar Kashi! meray pait me dhamakay horhae hain. :P

On a side note, beauty is not dependent on weather. If you are happy then even a yellow-ish autumn looks more lovelier than reddish spring.

Anonymous says:

I am talking about the Bagh :) And by sea I don't mean Clifton beach only. You haven't been to Nathiagali (karachi wali) I have to clarify this thing everytime :/

And I like every weather. Well, sort of :) So I don't have any problem if it's spring or autumn :)

Anonymous says:

no..do tell where is nathiagali in karachi?

Anonymous says:

Okay. Have you seen KANUPP? Hawks Bay to dekha haina? So, when you move from Hawks Bay to KANUPP and further ahead, you'd see a Naval area. Restricted area. They won't let you in if you don't have a Naval/ Military personnel with you. And you can't enter that place unless you're invited. Bharam hein! :P

So THAT place is Nathia Gali. It's a berry beautiful beach. The water is crystal clear. That's why I love the sea. :)

so u like flowers with sea or alag alag bhee chalta hai :P? uff someone is poetic, talking to wind, stalking the grass :P

u can skate :O? u never mentioned it before, arena? ice skating?

"and kept bouncing. And then I stepped in too" <-- sigh no comments, I am sure PhD ka bhee koi faida nae hoga :P

lol itnee tyaari howee uni kee and people missed the first day :P wah wah

WOW!! That descripton was niiiice, me wants to go there now!

Anonymous says:

~Acro: Alag alag bhee chalay ga :P
Skating is no issue. The 'way I skate' surely is :P
Lol @ PhD. I'm getting your point Acro :P Hahahaha
And you know why I skipped it :P *shhh* :P

~Siras: Do come. It really is an amazing place :D

Anonymous says:

And you can't enter that place unless you're invited

Ok. Invite me then otherwise I am not gonna believe that there is any such place..

Anonymous says:

Find a military friend and ask him. I cannot invite you. They're authorized only :)

I hate your comment box. It ate my comment. I am not writing it again. :/

Anonymous says:

I'm so sorry :( Try posting it again. Ye wala bhee to aa he gaya na :)

Ab tu rehnay hi du. Don't even remember what I wrote.

Anonymous says:

~Shuaib: Aap to naraz ho gai :P
Koi baat nae, hota hay

Nai bhai, not naraz. Not putting a ":P" at the end of a statement doesn't necessarily mean the person is naraz. :P

Anonymous says:

Phir theek hay :P

And Im not a bhai, I'm a behen :D

UuGHurghGHUrghURGH! :/

Bhai as in the slang one. :/ :/

Anonymous says:

oh acha... bhaaaaaai :P

Something to that effect. :/ :P

Anonymous says:

lol...You should be careful about the spelling then :P

:| i didnt know a lot of that. :| thanks thanks.

~Ahmer: A lot of what, the temple? :P

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