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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, June 30, 2005 in
Yes, one of my very good friends, the leaning tower of Pisa, is going on Umrah tomorrow morning. (Well, today morning, now). MashAllah. He messaged me some moments ago that he'd call me. I missed his call because I forgot to change the silent mode (I keep the phone silent for my class). He called me again. This time, thankfully, I recieved it. And guess what, he was saying, "Please Umema, forgive me." Lol... That was a bit too unusual for me, cuz he's one big teaser. He says sorry, and he repeats his mistakes. But this time, I was very very amazed to hear that. 'Tomorrow ain't the judgement day', I wondered. He added, "I am very sorry. I still have your book. But it is safe. I know you want it. You need it. But pleaseeeee, forgive me. I couldn't return it to you on time." "mmm...Okay. No problem, you are just going for Umrah... You'll be back soon. Return me when you return."
And then he said, "You don't know how much am trembling now"....lol...." Okay, calm down. Why are you trembling? It ain't cold. Then why?"
"Because of you...you idiot! I was and am still sure you'd kill me through the phone".
"Hahahaha... well, I would have, if you weren't going for Umrah."
"Yaaahh...but am still trembling".
"Stop trembling and listen to me. Go and pray a lot for me. Pleaseeeee, pray a lot."
"Okay, I'd do that."
"Thankyou soo much."
"No problem...I will return it to you soon. I promise. Trust me. I will."
"Lol. I have heard it..."
"I have to go now. But, I will return it to you. Sure, I will."
"Prayers needed....Allah Hafiz"
"Allah hafiz...and your book....."

toont toont tooont...

Lol! At school, it was easy to beat him in table tennis, but difficult to beat him in all nonsensical stuff. His weird hair style, and the erect position he'd love to stand in. We would have poetry competition among us, and he'd always win! His poems use to be awesome. Hahaha... One funny person...and a teaser too! May Allah accept your Umrah and prayers. Ameen.

Cheerio =)



I join you in thos Prayer.
Shirazi | Homepage | 06.30.05 - 3:14 pm | #
Great narration ! yeah prayers for his umrah's and all prayers acceptance!!

Allahhafiz n take carez
Asma | Homepage | 07.01.05 - 12:41 am | #
lolzzz i thought he lost ur book or something....well i still think ur book is not safe....i jst get tat feeling....tats y he was tremblin....and sayin sorry....oh well u'll find out when he comes back...let me know wat happend to da book
zenia | Homepage | 07.01.05 - 5:28 am | #
btw da pics r so kool......i wish i could go to karachi....but no chance so far....
zenia | Homepage | 07.01.05 - 5:33 am | #
OMG!! one book and so much tension uff.

I hope he remembers you in his prayers. Amen
Raheel| Homepage | 07.02.05 - 2:48 am | #

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