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Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 in
I have got some very very cool rings to show you. You'd love them, as I do. Here they are:

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0.13ct Diamond Triple Flower Ring 9ct Gold
QVC Price £67.75

Add a dazzling new dimension to your jewellery collection with this captivating flower ring. It's made from 9 carat gold and encrusted with no fewer than 32 single-cut diamonds arranged in a gorgeous triple-flower design. With an open gallery for added sparkle, all stones are pave set and a polished shank completes the look. Total diamond weight: 0.13 carat.


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0.15ct Diamond Floral Cluster Ring 9ct Gold
QVC Price £77.00

This 9 carat gold ring features 35 single-cut diamonds which are pave-set into a rhodium plated background, consisting of seven elegant floral clusters. The ring also has a highly polished finish.


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Diamonique 0.46ct Tw Oriental Swirl Band Ring Sterling Silver
QVC Price £21.00

This sterling silver band ring has an Oriental-inspired open swirl design pave set with 42 round Diamonique stones. The band is 15mm wide at the centre of the head, and it tapers to the shank. The ring has a polished finish. Total equivalent diamond weight: 0.46 carats. It comes in a special box.


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Diamonique 0.56ct Two Floral Filigree Band Ring Sterling Silver
QVC Price £22.00

An open filigree design of curling branches and leaves makes this sterling silver ring something special. The floral arrangement houses 44 round Diamonique simulated diamonds, each measuring about 1.5mm across. Further enhancing this sea of sparkle are two round 2mm stones and three round 1.75mm stones. Completing the ring's shimmering filigree centrepiece are two pave-set bands running along the top and bottom. This piece measures about 15mm at the head and narrows to about 4mm at the shank and offers a total equivalent diamond weight of 0.56 carat.


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Diamonique Pave Set Anniversary Ring Sterling Silver
QVC Price £25.50

This sparkling ring is pave set with 31 brilliant cut simulated diamonds. Nine of the stones in the central row measure 2mm and the remaining two measure 1.75mm. Eight stones in each outer row measure 1.75mm and the remaining two in each row measure 1.5mm. The head measures 6.25mm at its widest point and the total equivalent diamond weight is 0.67 carat. The ring comes complete with special boxing and a romance card.


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0.45ct Sapphire & Diamond Accent Floral Band Ring 9ct Gold

QVC Price £47.75

This pretty 9 carat yellow gold ring features 21 round-cut blue sapphires claw-set into three flower clusters across the head. The three blue flowers are separated by two clusters of diamond accents. It measures 6mm at the head and 2mm at the shank. Total sapphire weight: 0.45 carats. Total diamond weight: 0.04 carats.


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1.5ct Aquamarine Princess Cut Band Ring 9ct White Gold
QVC Price £49.25

The cool shimmer of dreamy aquamarine gemstones and the serene sparkle of 9 carat white gold are yours to relish with this fabulous band ring. It's studded with 14 princess-cut aquamarine gemstones, all of them claw set in a dazzling band design. A polished and tapered shank completes the ensemble. Total aquamarine weight: 1.50 carats.


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1.7ct Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring 9ct Gold

QVC Price £121.00

This striking ring features a tiered cluster of 25 claw-set rubies at its centre. Surrounding the cluster are 16 claw-set single-cut diamond accents on rhodium plating. The gems sit on an open gallery, and the shoulders and shank of the ring are polished yellow gold. Total weight of gems - diamond: 0.10 carat; ruby: 1.73 carat.


Ahhhh, and don't you like them??? Wanna see more??? There's a huge collection of jewellery at QVC. There are rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chokers (I love themmmm), brooches, watches, and and ...and everything you'd love.

ooooo I'm lovin' it!!!

A convo between me and Barry, when we visited QVC's site.

Barry: I wish you were my boy friend.
Me: You and your strange wishes. Okay, but why?
Barry: Then, you'd give me such rings... *evil grin*
Me: *rofl* Now, I wish you were my boy friend.
Barry: Hahaha...don't worry..I'll bring one for you.
Me: *dies of happiness*

Cheerio =)



These are some that I love... Which one do you like?
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.22.05 - 5:31 pm | #
Aey Khocha koi Naya Maal dikhao..
Yeh Sab Sasta Aur Purana Hai

Vaqas ASHRAF | Homepage | 06.22.05 - 6:10 pm | #

i like the ones given with love. ^_^
VL | Homepage | 06.22.05 - 9:29 pm | #
I'm mad after rings...the only object in jwellery i love to obtain in bulk... i myself have one collection but infront of QVC its nothing yaar. But Kinza have very good taste in rings specially she has almost valueable collection.

I liked no.6 in ur display one its pretty ressembles to one my mother has.
Gul | 06.22.05 - 9:50 pm | #

Well, let me open all then i'll tell which one

Haa well i've liked all the rings ... they are all beautiful!!

Just that if some one can bought it for me

take carez!!
Asma | Homepage | 06.23.05 - 2:50 am | #
wish I could have them all

so that I could sell them off

Talha | Homepage | 06.23.05 - 5:11 am | #
you surely need a RICH bf
Raheel | Homepage | 06.23.05 - 3:16 pm | #
Cool rings yaar though i dont wear them that much in the danger that they'll fall off and i wont even notice:P
Pseudo Genius | Homepage | 06.23.05 - 8:36 pm | #
~V: To sahab aap isay hee khareed lo na...Aap ki nazar main sasta, dosroun ki nazar main mehenga hay... khoob plofit (profit) hoey ga.

~VLady: *carves on a ring "With love, from Umem"....and sends it to dearest VLady*

~Gullay: I like the 1st and 2nd one...they are soooooo cool. Oh my God, give me strength and money to buy alllll... *starts dreaming*

~Asma: keep on dreaming girl! hahaha...

~Talha: I'd buy all of them....

if the price is low

~Raheel: Nah, I need loadsa money to buy alllllll..just all of 'em...*how greedy of me*

~PG.: Ufff...I have lost my gold ring twice...Now, I have kept it back in the cupboard.. I love rings, but I can't handle them

Adios amigos.
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.24.05 - 12:19 am | #
*VL wears the ring with pride*
VL | Homepage | 06.24.05 - 2:49 am | #
love #5, 6 and 7.

dont wear rings though.. too fidgety. when i am wearing one, i jut keep switching them from one finger to anoher..hehe
Sid | Homepage | 06.25.05 - 12:21 am | #
Cute. All of them. Frankly, I cannot diffrenciate one from other.
Shirazi | Homepage | 06.25.05 - 11:25 am | #
~VLady: *hugs*

~Sid: Same here

~Shirazi: Yeah, just awwwwweeesomeeeee
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 12:41 am | #

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