Mobile phone thefts

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, June 14, 2005
These days mobile phone thefts have become very very common, atleast in Karachi. Daily, thousand of people lose their mobile phones (usually at gunpoints). Alhamdolillah, no such thing has happened with me, but there are some of my relatives who have got affected by this trend. First of all, there was Some Desi. Thankfully, he didn't lose his mobile (just because he showed how devilish he can become at such situaions. lol. No offence). He also posted the story on his blog. It was like:

Dude: *&#@!% gimme yer mobile phone, or I will &%#@ you up!

Me: What the heck man, I don't even know you! Who the heck are you!

Dude: Give the mobile to me, or I will $#@* you up.

Me: Screw you man! Get away from me and (raising my volume) why do you want my mobile phone?

Dude: Give it to me!

Me: HELL NO! I won't give it to you! What will you do, huh!

*A motercycle stops near the Dude, he gives me that angry look and flees!*

Yes, exactly! Some retard tried to rob me! BUT for the first time in my life, I actually fought back! I am already so pissed off, that you can't just order me in to doing things. So beware, before you try to threaten (or rob) me. I will bite you back so badly that you will regret for the rest of your life.

lol. And I almost died when he told me what else he was carrying at that time...*bhaa*. He has Moto ka bohat cool wala set.


Another case happened with one of my cousins ( a month ago, I believe).
He was going to his college in a bus, when some Afghan people deftly took the mobile out of his pocket. Ayeee... He had Nokia 6610. Now he has bought Sony Ericsson umm.... Sorry, I am poor at memorising mobile phones model numbers.


Then, there was my cousin's brother, Usam.
He was coming from his school party in the evening with his friend, when some 2-3 people came to him, and tried to rob him. He was holding Nokia 7610 at that time. *Whoo* The way he saved his mobile is a funny story. My panic-stricken cousin then ran to the street ka 'chowkidaar' and gave him a tight hug. Haha. He was very very terrified. Then he asked him to drop him home (which was very near from that place). His friend, ultra terrified, threw his mobile in the bushes, and ran away. That boy was not carrying a very expensive set. (He picked it up afterwards).


Just a week ago, one of my uncles lost his mobile. I don't know the whole story. All I know is he was having a Nokia 1100.


Aww... I feel so sad for all the people who have lost their mobile phones. *Why don't people steal PTCL phones? They are also phones na...*


There are still some very very fortunate people who have tried to lose their mobiles, but they haven't succeeded in it yet. Hahahaha...And one of those is me!!!!!
Well, I love my phone, though it's just a Nokia 1100, but I am thankful at what I have. On 23 May, BiYA's birthday, we went to her place. We all went up, wished her, sat and were chatting , when at once Papa asked, "Where is your phone?". And I said, "Oh, must be in the purse". But I wasn't sure at what I said. So, I checked it, and found the pocket empty....*Yikes* "Uh, I think, it's in the car. I must have forgotten it in the car". It was in my lap when I was in the car, and I forgot to keep it back in my purse pocket before coming out of the car. He then sent Yousuf with the car keys to see if it was there in it. After a minute he came back with a smile on his face, and said, "It was lying in the middle of the road" ...."No way" I mumbled. And in the mean time, my dad had dialled my number twice. Just imagine, it must have rung and must have lighted...And nobody came to pick it up....Amazing, isn't it?
Well, not that amazing. Cuz people don't like to steal such low-priced mobile sets. Hahahaha...

Moral: Do not travel in bus. Always travel in cars. :o) .
And yes, never carry an expensive set. Waisay, it ain't a moral. Cuz robbers steal whatever you have, and usually not what they like.

I hope none of you have lost your cool sets. Have you?

Cheerio =)



about that some desi story, i'd say that he was infact very very lucky to have escaped an injury... the robber was indeed a freak... werna those rascals do shoot you! they never show up in busy streets.. only in veeran gullies...

btw i remember mobiles of 6 of my bro's bring (and my bro) being snatched on the appartment gate!! those guyz were brutal with a gun in every hand but perhaps it was not there mistake... my brother and the crew shud have been in their houses at 1:30 AM.
Kamran | Homepage | 06.15.05 - 10:21 am | #
Kamran agreed. Mobiles r not precious than life, i personally know atleast 2 incidents where the robbers shot the guy either on the aurgument or in one case when the guy tryed to throw his cell in the garden of near by house.
JonyBr | Homepage | 06.15.05 - 1:33 pm | #
funny,how i just rcvd a mail from a friend saying he's lost his cell phone and read yur post abtthe same thing.
faiza | 06.15.05 - 7:19 pm | #
Well mobile phone theft is so common that one might as well leave it at home - which ofcourse destroys the purpose. But I wouldnt suggest to anyone to resist these robbers. I mean, people have actually been killed when they resisted giving up their phone. Ara bhai jaan bach jaye, mobile jaye bhalay - we can always get a Nokia 3310.
H. | 06.15.05 - 8:07 pm | #
haha.... Bus Stop infront of my university is favorite place for cell robbers, many of friends and teacher lost their's from there. If u like to get away ur so go over there :D
Gul | 06.15.05 - 9:49 pm | #
hmm yea it wasnt a good idea to resist, was surely lucky. so are u :P mobile jata hee nae btw 1100 acha hai light sa, unlike mine heavy loaded. oh and btw jis kay pass car na hoo woh kis mein travel karay cab mein :S???
Saadie | Homepage | 06.16.05 - 3:10 am | #
lolzzzz @ da post....i mean to say ke keya aab moblie phone bi chori hone lage hain....hairaat hai...ketne cheepp hote hain yeh robbers bi....
zee | Homepage | 06.16.05 - 6:21 am | #
~Kamran: Ab to mobiles ki safety kay liay bhee banda aik tejoree khareed lay. hahaha. Waisay, one should see if the robbers have actual weapons. Oh, and how are you ada?

~JonyBr: They shot a guy??? How cruel of them....When did it happen?

~Faiza: (not so charming)coincidence!!!

~H.: And you know what, people mostly keep their phones on the silent mode. The trend of 'showing-off' has completely tarnished now. Too sad for those who carry cool sets.

~Gul: lol...No, thankyou! I love my mobile! And you must be careful..sahi hay!

~Saadie: Mine's light, and you've got a Nokia 9500 - Communicator? It's heavy Jis kay paas car na ho wo....wo ghar main baith ker blog update karay

~Zee: Yeh dekho zara....behna jee ab mobile phones he chori honay lagay hain....Ab in ka fashion hay! You're lucky you're not here. Werna....toba hay bhai yahan to *phew*

Stay cool folks,
Cheerio =)
Dinky Mind| Homepage | 06.16.05 - 5:58 pm | #
Excellent blog! Very blue, just like my mood...
The Olive Ream | Homepage | 06.16.05 - 6:12 pm | #
Aww, Noke 3310 zindabad! I'm carrying one these days coz my colourful samsung has gone bonkers!!!!! It freezes, and gets switched off all by itself. But really yaar, Nokia 3310 is the mother of all mobiles. LOL. Anyway, I'm going to buy a new one one of these days but I still say, Nokia 3310 zindabad!!
VL | 06.17.05 - 12:17 am | #
i looooove yur mood...man,you look awesum:D
faiza | 06.17.05 - 5:00 am | #
lucky you!

thanks God I haven't experienced something like this.

and that bloggy guy is really stupid, what if the guyz had guns.
Raheel | Homepage | 06.17.05 - 3:37 pm | #
skin is shhhhooo shweeetttt!
Raheel | Homepage | 06.17.05 - 3:37 pm | #
maybe I am wrong but Some Desi is not honest in posting exact dialogues of the secene.

he looks "quite brave" even more than Spiegel.
Vaqas ASHRAF | Homepage | 06.17.05 - 6:19 pm | #
well, quite a story; yeah my abu went to karachi this april and he returned with many such incidents happnd in our family there. Lately in Islamabad such incidents also started motorcyclist robbers ... my sis and coz was wlking in the street, coz had her mob in her hand a bike came with two boys, they stopped and on gun point said hand me over ur valuables.. they snatched 1-2 rings and the mob ...!

just a week back, my coz bechara from ibd went to kch for a conference, and as he was coming out of taxi, on gun point he was robbed of his laptop [haye bechara :]mobile and money!!! imagine!!!

huq haaaaaa!
Asma | Homepage | 06.18.05 - 3:14 am | #
I think one shoudl simply carry the useless old cell phones - as then the robber would go heck keep it - if i try and sell this off to make a quick buck I will be the humiliation of the cell -nabbing industry.

The good cell phone is for you to keep tucked away securly in the sock use it infrount of your peers or at a show-off party only
Teeth Maestro | Homepage | 06.18.05 - 3:51 am | #
Too right...I do exactly the same thing i.e. keep my cell in silent mode.

This happened to my mom's friend's daughter.She got off the bus and her phone rang giving away the fact that she had a cell. Someone snatched the cell and actually took that call. Her mom on the other end nearly had a heart attack when she heard a male voice. Thought her daughters been kidnapped or something. Since hearing that, i never have my cell on when i leave the house!
Pseudo Genius | Homepage | 06.18.05 - 1:32 pm | #
I read in the newspaper that there was this new law in Karachi which only allowed you to sell used mobiles if you had the original purchase receipt and/or warranty slip with it (the one that has the IMEI on it).

And just a thought, you mentioned something about your cousin's brother losing his mobile...wouldn't your cousin's brother also be your cousin *confused*.

I know a few people who've hd their mobiles snatched at gun point in Lahore, thank God this isn't yet a problem in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.
Fallen Angel | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 1:11 pm | #
[QUOTE=Dinky Mind] Then, there was my cousin's brother, Usam. [/QUOTE]
I guess Usam is also yours cousin!!!
Waisay i use Sonyericsson Z200 and its kinda ladies set,so none of the robers can dare rob me for this
Stupid AdSenser | Homepage | 06.22.05 - 5:18 am | #
mine got stolen from my school bag once. kept it in my pocket after that. this girl in our school got caught stealing mobile phones from another person's bag. that really was a shock. we always thought it were the peons.
we also had robbers at our place last year who took away everything except my cell phone coz i hid it under my bed. i still miss my cameras and laptop..
btw... nice blog.
Sid | Homepage | 06.22.05 - 2:15 pm | #

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