Oh My God

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, June 03, 2005 in
Just oh my Godddd....You people can't read my Urdu posts!??! That makes me cry.... *wipes tears* Hina, I should have written this in the beginning of the post!!!!! Ufff....am really (cashew) nuts!!!!

Ok, fine.

My dear country men......میرے عزیز ھم وطنوں
If you're using Firefox, then go to VIEW (extreme top left side of your window). From there, go to CHARACTER ENCODING, and then click UNICODE (UTF-8)....

And, if you're using Internet Explorer, then right click somewhere on the window, go to ENCODING, and click UNICODE (UTF-8)....

آئی بات سمجھ؟

I was so happy to see 12 comments on my Urdu post...but uffff....all those comments were like, "Oh, Mars ki language", "I can't understand".
اف میرا تو رونے کو دل چاہ رھا تھا

Now I have explained it...Please read it, and comment!

"Common sense is not common"




Well same routine check up for both firefox and IE

Asma | Homepage | 06.03.05 - 5:17 pm | #
do whatever I asked tou to do in Email :@@@@@@@@@@
Vaqas ASHRAF | Homepage | 06.03.05 - 8:41 pm | #

hm yes umem, do what Vaqas is asking you to do. and patras ki kia baat hai. love your selections!
VLady | Homepage | 06.03.05 - 11:56 pm | #
~Asma: Yaar, I don't know what to do. Someday, when I'll be very faarigh, I'll tally my previous and present codes. If, I get some clue, I'd make changes in the new one. Let's see what happens. *sighs*

~[V]: Bhai, I have done it...I don't know if it's working properly or not. Check if I have pssted it in the correct location. *cries*

~VLady: Patras ki kia baat hay? Mujhay bhee batao, aakir aisee bhee kia baat hay? *winks*

No similies today. I am in no mood of smiling today.

Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.04.05 - 2:50 am | #
nadal has won c i told u isnt it?
did u watch the match..good one
keep hav good health
khattak | 06.04.05 - 4:53 am | #
heheh..ab hum networks walon ko kia pata heheheh
moti... mujh sey milnay ka soch rahi hoo tum??kia khilao gi????
im a v lively person wesay most of the people dun blv tat mein udas bhi ho skati hoon soch lo
Unaiza | Homepage | 06.04.05 - 11:32 am | #
I knew how to view it *snooty* only i was too lazy :p (jhainp mitaing) :$
JonyBr | Homepage | 06.04.05 - 2:07 pm | #

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