Picnic and pain

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, June 26, 2005 in
[Pictures not recieved yet. I'll post them as soon as I get hold of 'em].

The Picnic:

We went on picnic on Saturday, 25th June, means yesterday! But Friday was a very busy day. I couldn't sleep the whole day. At 1 am, I finally decided to go and sleep. I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep. That was nothing less than a shock for me and my Mommese. Because:
سارے گدھے گھوڑے گائیں بھینسیں بیچ کر سوتی ھوں میں
Anyways, I finally slept at 3 am. Woke up at 5 am then. (Another shock: Just 2 hours sleep). Prayed Fajr. Helped Mommese in the kitchen. Got dressed up for the picnic. Dumped all the stuff in the car. Started our journey at 6:05 am. Reached the hut at 6:40 am. There wasn't anyone, but a چوکیدار who was out, patrolling. He came and said, "This is Navy's hut. You don't have any right to stay here." And there was my dad who said, "I am also a Naval officer. And I have the absolute right to stay here." He then showed him the reciept, etc. The man then went away. And then there was no-one except our family.

After that, everyone went into the sea, leaving all the bags and foodstuff in my care. (Moti me ate half of the food and also gave some to the crows). As I was all alone in the hut, I started singing songs (in full volume). It was the awesome-ist hour. Watching the clear blue sky, roaring sea, and chirping birds was great. Then, I saw a fighter plane flying by. I thought, "The pilot must have come out on a morning walk.....oops, I mean morning flight". It must be just 7 in the morning at that time.

At I dunno what time BiYA and family arrived. We all rushed to greet them. So, there were 4 families, including ours. Then we had a little breakfast. Rooj and BiYA were making sandwiches for all of us. We all emptied the bottle of sun-block on us, but it didn't work. Lol. It never does. I got ultra-tan. Hehe. So, it ain't a new story. Then, we all went into the sea, which was attracting me a lot. Me and Rooj went down the stairs in the sea, and we decided to have a race. I asked her, "So, where is the finishing point?" And she replied, "Ummm...do you see the کچرا there? That is the finishing point. No, we have to turn from there and come back here. So this (pointing to the starting point) is the finishing point." " All right, I get it".. Then we started the race. And we both finished at the same time. Lol.

We enjoyed the sea. Me, Mommese, and aunty had great fun. We stayed in the sea more than others did. We even went to the point where waves were a few inches below our shoulders. Wow! The sea was clean & cool, the weather was wonderful, and we - the refreshed souls - were nestled peacefully in the arms of the sea. Awesome. Just awesome.

Once, I came back to the hut, and papa asked me about the time. I thought, it must be 1 or 2 pm, but I was shocked to see that it was just 10 am. Yes, just 10 am. The time stood still. And I was happy about it. We ate, we played, we had fun. Once, we went on a walk. Me, Biya, Rooj, Anny bhai, Yusuf, and Danish bhai...We took loadsa photos. I collected some sea shells and some stones. We also imitated Atif Aslam (his song Mahi Ve) and Jal's song, Woh Lamhay. Yusuf acted very nicely. Then we went on a hut, which had two large stones(stones or was it a platform?) infront of it. First I sat on one of them. The waves would come, smash against the stone, and all the water (plus the tiny pebbles) would go over and above my head, soaking me. Wonderful! Then, I stood up, and enjoyed those waves. Biya and Anny bhai were screaming behind me, "Come back. Have some sense. You're gonna fall. You idiot. Come back." And I was convincing them to come where I was. Lol.

We then had a very yummy lunch. Then, again we went in the sea, while some of the people went to have some rest. Aaaaa...did I tell you we played cricket too? All the girlies played cricket, including our moms. Hehehe.. It was fun. Aunty played a lot better than my mom.[ I won't discuss how I played]. Lol.

We spent a lot of time in the sea. I cannot explain any further. Lol. Cuz that's all what we did.

Then finally at 4:30, we decided to pack up, cuz some blue bottles came out of nowhere and found their prey. Yikes! But before packing, we all took a shower, and got dressed in clean clothes. At that time, I looked my face in the mirror. Red. And then I saw my hair. Uff...they resembled a جھا ڑو I'm serious. I can't compare them with anything better. I almost screamed when I saw my pebble-beaded, thoroughly wet hair. Just on Friday, I applied henna in my head to make them look healthy and soft. And they gave a nice look. But, the very next day, they looked so horrible. Yikes!

We left the place at 5:15 pm. (I think). Reached home at...ummm...sometime before Magrib prayers, I believe. I don't remember the time.

The Pain:

We all were so tired that we grabbed our beds at 7 pm. Lol. [Early to bed, early to rise....]. I must have slept by 7:30 or something. At 9:45 pm, my legs started aching. I got up, crying with tears. It was seriously unbearable. It seemed to me as if my legs will break that night. Then, my left arm also started aching. My God, I started crying badly. Then, I don't know how I brought strength inside me, and then I slowly descended the stairs. It was painful. As soon as I stepped on the floor, my muscles died. Thanks to my elder bro, who helped me out in lessening the pain. He pressed my aching legs with his mechanic hands. I drank some calcium-rich milk to provide my dead body some energy. I ate the whole bottle of aspirin tablets. But the pain was in no mood of going away. I finally decided to go upstairs again and sleep. I slpet at 10:45 then. Due to that killing pain, I woke up again at 11:45 pm. Ufff, I hated that pain. Whenever I'd try to move my legs, the pain would augment, making my screams reverberate as far away as the end of the house. I don't know at what time I got the chance to sleep again. I finally woke up at 9 am., still aching. I know how I controlled myself. I know how I spent my day. I had, and still have, bandages around my legs and left arm. Alhamdolillah, it has reduced to a greater degree, but it is still there. And now I am here sitting with aching legs, burning eyes, and swollen face.

Its 1:51 am now. I must go and sleep.

Will soon post the pics. Till then, be patient and stay cool.

Cheerio =)



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Talha | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 12:29 pm | #
+ nice

if i had more time in khi, i could have visited these huts as well

abhi sirf naval dockyard aur aik shiup dekha :d
Talha | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 12:47 pm | #
hey! cant wait for the pics! and the weather is perfect for a visit to sea view dont u think AND a picnic sounds abt perfect
H. | 06.27.05 - 2:50 pm | #

and where are the PiCs?
Vaqas ASHRAF | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 3:27 pm | #
~Talha: Thanks. I'll write soon. + Did you find your visit interesting? I have visited dockyard a zillion times.

~H.: Yes, so any plans of going there? We have to go out, remember?

~Vaqas ASHRAF: The pics are with BiYA. I'll try to get and post 'em as soon as possible.

CHeerio =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 4:28 pm | #
it was an OUT OF THIS WORLD experience :D

dockyard was amazing

and the experience of visiting a ship was amazing

it was an amazing experience to c a small mini world in side a ship, the mess, the emergency room , the liging room, kitchen

it was really interesting
Talha | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 5:06 pm | #
how are you today dearie?
to get rid of this pain you must keep your legs and arms moving....
pics are on their way....you'll recieve them by tomorrow InshaAllah.....
love you.
BiYA | 06.27.05 - 6:08 pm | #
Alright! So that's why you didn't reply my SMS. You were so darn busy having fun ^_^

Anyway, I too feel like having a picnic but all I'm getting is panic. Panic, panic and more panic as those dreadful test days approach!!!! Wish you'd taken me with you and drowned me their putting an end to all my woes. gasp! No. I don't wish to die yet!!!

Why does the weather become all nice and beautiful during exam days? Would any scientist, please, look into this query?
VL | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 6:35 pm | #
~Talha: It is truely amazing. But if you go inside a submarine, you'd be amazed to see the beds (one above the other), the tiniest kitchen, and so many more things. The periscope is the best thing you can see Great to know you enjoyed your visit.

~BiYA: Ahhh...me still alive. Thankyou The pain has reduced a lot...almost vanished. Had strength, so went to the class also. But, now am very sleepy. After every five minutes, I want to go and sleep. hehehe...suggest something Oh yeah, I have recieved 2 pics, but you know I can't post them on the blog. Hehehe. Send me those that I can post. Thankyouuuu

~VLady: No, I wasn't that busy. BiYA informed me that my phone has been ringing for hours, so I should come and check. I would have surely replied to your messages, but I have zero credit. My bad luck! Someday, we will go to a picnic ...Lol, I also wonder the same about the weather. hehehe

Cheerio folks =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.28.05 - 12:21 am | #
hhuummm....go and do some exercise....it might help u with ur aching legs and arms....well it sounds like u had so much fun....i am also waitin for pics...hope to see it soon....never been karachi...and dont know wat Talha and u r talkin abt..."dockyard" ????
zee | Homepage | 06.28.05 - 7:30 am | #

either the submarine wasnt available for tour or i was fooled :d

but neways it couldnt be arranged @ that time


inshaAllah next time :d
Talha | Homepage | 06.28.05 - 10:45 am | #
" I ate the whole bottle of aspirin tablets."
and you didn't die???
VL | Homepage | 06.28.05 - 7:09 pm | #
lucky you, nice to hear that you enjoyed. Pleasurable read! It must be a rock not any stone yaar. Sea shore is the most asthetic landscape, i agree!! so soothing!

I hope you feel better now after all those pains which are an usual thing, believe you me.
Raheel | Homepage | 06.28.05 - 8:12 pm | #
Salaam Aleikum,
Aray, acha kaisa hai!? Sounds good to me Sister. Main aapka pain feel karta huun, inshAllah aap acha se zyaada hogi. Would love to see the pics. Wohw I didn't know you played cricket . Mausam kaisa tha? 30 degrees se kaam tha? (mujhe nahi maluum hai agr "mausam" masculine yaa feminine hai, but i took a guess).
Khuda Hafiz
Abdul-Rahim Borges | Homepage | 06.29.05 - 10:46 am | #
~Zee: Just uploading the pics now.

~Talha: Me waiting to hear about that visit now

~VLady: hahaha...miracle! VLady, miracle

~Raheel: Yes, it was a rock Now, I am fit, fat, n fine

~Borges: [Your urdu has improved] Yes, I play (the worst kind of) cricket. Mosam acha tha...kaafi cloudy It was more than 30 C. [Mausam is masculine]

Cheerio folks =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.29.05 - 4:32 pm | #
glad u had fun...now i feel like goin too..
hope u feel better too.next time u decide to spend so much time inside the water, remember the pain. :P its somethin usual. waiting for the pics..
Sid | Homepage | 06.29.05 - 7:30 pm | #
Lol sid, I forget everything when I go to the beach. And this time, I went after 4-5 years. So, naturally, I had forgotten about the pain... hehehe
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.30.05 - 2:25 am | #

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