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Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, June 11, 2005 in
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Do you know the answer? Well, 2 days ago, when I crossed '2 Talwar' roundabout, I found the answer. There was a Nando's billboard on which it was written,

"Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because the underpass will take forever."

Seriously, I don't get the logic of this Clifton underpass. What ease are they trying to provide? The Mai-Kolachi road, and the road from 2 Talwar to 3 Talwar is wide enough to control the present traffic. Then, why the need of constructing this underpass?

Ardeshir Cowasjee says:

"A vehicle going towards Clifton from 3 Talwar wishing to turn right at Schon Circle to get to Mai Kolachi will have to travel up to Do Talwar and come round and back and turn left. A vehicle going towards the city from Clifton wishing to turn right at Schon Circle to get to Submarine Chowk will have to go up to Teen Talwar, turn round and come back to Schon Circle and turn left.

A vehicle coming from Mai Kolachi wishing to turn right and go to Clifton will have to go up to the Submarine Chowk, turn around, and come back to Schon Circle to turn left. A vehicle coming from Submarine Chowk and wishing to get to Teen Talwar will have to go all the way up to the Mai Kolachi roundabout and come back to Schon Circle and turn left.

Additional travelling time for each double-back comes to roughly 10 minutes over a distance of 1.5 kilometres. Multiply this by the number of vehicles plus man hours over a period of 50 years. Time and money lost � phenomenal!

If all this is unclear to any reader, he or she should consult an engineer."

People like us are the most affected ones. First of all, we have to take all the zig-zaggy routes to go to a place which is merely 5-minute drive away. Then, we have to bear a roaring traffic influx. Then, we need to keep a good amount of patience just beacuse no matter how hard we try, we still reach late at our desired destinations. All this stupidity leads to chaos and accidents. We have to take alternative routes, which are so bumpy that even your seat-belts can't hold you in one place, and you tend to jump in your car. Moreover, those dug-up, disturbed terrain are very very narrow. Two cars (in an opposite direction) cannot pass easily. And that is the time when you really wish you had a flying saucer, or to - if you are enraged - kill the authorities!

As the authorities say, the Clifton underpass will be completed in a record time of four and a half-month, but...do you think they are right? Even if they become successful in doing so, what major advantage will they get??

Ardeshir Cowasjee is so right when he says, "That the governor, the city nazim, the city police chief, and whoever else is responsible, get into the driver�s seat of their own cars, with me sitting besides them, and travel, without escorts, sirens or police vehicles, over the dug-up/disturbed terrain and over all the available alternative routes on main roads and through sidelanes and backroads. Then and then only will they realize what the citizens, to whom they are responsible, are suffering and will be forced to suffer for the next two years. Then and then alone they may feel inclined to do something about it."

Let's wait and see.




Thanks god i live in islamabad

Asma | Homepage | 06.11.05 - 5:12 pm | #
oye:x kidher ho tum..inhi chakron mein pari raho gi...
Unaiza Nasim | Homepage | 06.11.05 - 5:33 pm | #
Well, I don't know a thing about Karachi, so I'll take your word for it. Secondly, tell me are those reads really named 1-Talwar, 2-Talwar, 3-Talwar...I don't know why, but for some reason the names sound a little funny :p

They have a portion of Kashmir Highway in Islamabad, dug-up for the past 8 months!! So, I can guess how insanely frustrating it is...
Fallen Angel | Homepage | 06.11.05 - 6:01 pm | #
~Asma: Haan yaar..lucky you!

~Unaiza: Main yahaaan hounnnnnn

~Fallen Angel: There's no 1-Talwar. There are 2 roundabouts by the name of 2 Talwar, and 3-Talwar...Cuz there are huge 2 and 3 Talwars in them. lol. They are funny, I know, but VLady makes them more funny by calling them by another name..hahahahah
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.11.05 - 7:03 pm | #

Thanks God we are not Living between talwars or close to them otherwise we will suffered from underpass for the rest of our life hahaha Bye
Anny | 06.12.05 - 12:02 am | #
i live in dubai.
BaptizedLucifer | Homepage | 06.12.05 - 4:22 am | #
Anny & Luci: You guys are so lucky that you don't live here. So, please pray for me!!!!!!! Oh, and pray a lot for the authorities!!!!!
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.12.05 - 2:17 pm | #
BTW i still dont know from where will it start & where will it end (pardon my ignorance)...all i know is, yes the roads have been messed up from months hope when its done its for better
JonyBr | Homepage | 06.13.05 - 2:11 am | #
a few days ago i heard the administration ordered a redesign but seems it was just a statement to throw off the press - damn you
Teeth Maestro | Homepage | 06.18.05 - 3:53 am | #

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