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Here are the not-so-many piczaaaaaz. <:o)


Me, my name, and my (evil) shadow.

This is Umemalicious.... hahahaha


So clear, so cool...

This is BiYA
.... So angelic. <:o)


A wrecked boat or...

...is it under-construction? [You need to zooom in extra]


Anny bhai's super model, his favoutire....

...yes, you're right, the chameleon!
[It runs as soon as it is told 'The photo session now ends'] <:o)


Will this big, strong wave kill me?

No...not at all. So, go and bring all your dirty clothes and wash them in this natural surf!


Taking off the guitar to hit the poor wave?

Nah...just want to see if I sync well or swim well.


My collection of pebbles and shells - all laid on a tile

And now I throw them at you. Catch!!!! Aww, you missed it <:o)


And what is this???

A sponge! A piece from Danish bhai's collection.


There are a lot more...but unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and energy to upload them all. So, that's all folks!

Cheerio =)



I also love writing names on the sea sand. The stone collection is fantabulous.
Raheel | Homepage | 07.02.05 - 2:58 am | #
Nice pictures!! seems u put in a lot of effort on collecting shells.

how do u feel now?the pains must have gone by now..
sid | Homepage | 07.02.05 - 12:23 pm | #
~Raheel: Yah, it was the most funny scene of all. Hehehe... Writing names and then rubbing them off with our feet, or the sea waves would do it for us

~Sid: Lol, yeah. It's Alhamdolillah gone now. Am feeling a lot better.

Cheerio =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 07.02.05 - 11:11 pm | #

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