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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, June 19, 2005 in
Last night, me, Asma, and Gullay had a voice conversation on yahoo. And it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....
Before that, we were chatting on MSN, and since I jumped in between the convo, I was totally lost. And I was yelling, "what's going on here????" And Gullay and Asma were busy talking about a blogger (I didn't know him, but now I do). Then, we discussed blogland, and some of it's bloggy residents. And we found out that...ok, leave it. Wasn't that important!
Then Asma announced that it's raining in Isloo. I don't know if it really was raining, or she just made it up to tease us. (grits teeth). Me and Asma then started having a voice convo on MSN, but it was horrible. So, we decided to sign in Yahoooo messenger. Over there, Gul also joined us. And guess what, I was just hollering 'hellos', while Asma was like, "Say something else". Hahaha...That was awesome. Then, after a long time, we were priviliged to hear Gullay's voice. And then there was Asma gettting confused, 'who is talking? Gul, or Umem?' Hahaha. Gul was intermittently saying, "Hello...hello.. do you hear me? Please confirm you hear my voice. I just want a confirmation. Please tell me. Hello.. Hello.. You hear me? Umema and Asma, do you hear me?Hello!!". Me and Asma were like, "Yes, we hear you. Stop screaming please *winks*" And there was Gul, so afraid, 'I'm trying to infer what you guys are talking about'. And then me and Asma tried to calm her down. I said, "We aren't talking about anything special. So don't worry".
Gul complained that she can't hear my voice properly. So, I tried my level best to raise my voice (lol, not in that sense). When second or third time, she complained, I literally screamed my throat raw, "Gullay, you hear me nowwwwwww?" And there was no reply from her. Ah! Attempt failed! ;)

You know what, we ended out chat at *my parents aren't reading* 3:30 or 4 am. *hides face under the pillow*. After that, I translated some sentences into french. Then, I completed making Father's Day's card. Prayed fajr. And finally threw myself in the bed at 6:15 am. *Don't ask at what time I woke up*.

Blahs end here.

Cheerio =)



Damn...I missed it :P
Vaqas ASHRAF | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 1:28 pm | #

Me just posted on our convo too

Well, that was fun .... van u hear me now ... i literaly had to chew my mic .. so that gul bibi can hear me

u can listen to me naaa!!!

take carez

on yahoo ... i was on sms ... and at 4:40 gul mssged me .. she thought i'm still online sayin ... u r still online .. bas karo:P


take carez
Asma | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 1:30 pm | #

BTW, thanks god .. u havent mentiond the name of blogger [in quotes] and thnx god .. u know now whom we were talkin abt :P
Asma | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 1:38 pm | #
*puts ear plugs on* stop screaming u girls :p
JonyBr | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 1:57 pm | #
i missed it!!!!! awwwwwwwww!!!!! LOL @ Gul's screaming!!!:D:D
Pseudo Genius | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 3:41 pm | #
~[V]: Damn...I never knew Im so lucky

~Asma: lol, I used to think I am the only deaf alive, but there was Gullay, who said, 'No, i'm the biggest deaf.' lol. Yes, finally I found out who you guys were talking about. Hahaha

~JonyBr.: And you can still hear us? lol.. *innocent face* I have stopped screaming. I can;t scream... Sore thorat, you know

~Pseudo Genius: Next time, be online. We missed you, Pallas Athene, and esSJee a lot. *just added NJ on MSN*

Cheerio =)
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 6:15 pm | #
voice conversation usually turn out to be very hilarious.
Raheel | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 7:56 pm | #
lol, i was sleeeping then!!!
VL | Homepage | 06.20.05 - 11:48 pm | #
~Raheel: That was less hilarious and more annoying. hahahaa.

~VLady: I wish I could wake you up by twisting your bones. *thinks: how can anyone twist someone's bones?* I'll try it on you.
Dinky Mind | Homepage | 06.21.05 - 3:19 am | #
the yahoo voice chat is now an official national event

Talha | Homepage | 06.21.05 - 4:16 am | #

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