Got It, Finalement!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, July 01, 2009 in ,

And this thing has refreshed me up!!! Really!!

I remember when I was in grade 7th or so and fell ill very seriously, my father bought for me The Book of Virtues. And I forgot half of my illness. =)

And today I was having eye infection and fever and cough and flu (taubahhh!), and I had asked my bro to get me the Rubic's cube. And now the eye infection has reduced, the headache has also alleviated and cough...well, it's still there :D Oh, I should make a sad face =(

No more boredom now, I hope =)



Get well soon yar :)

can u solve this?

choti choti khushyaan :P

mehnat kar... hasad na kar!!

~Uni: Yep, trying =( Thankoo

~Ali: I'm trying =D

~Asma: This ain't a choti one :P

~Jingo: Lol =D


~Sawj: Aap se kam! :P

i can only solve 1 side thats it:P and that too after much trying :(

Bye-Bye boredome and welcome Headache. Rubic's cube gets irritating after 5 minutes...cut that, after 2 minutes! haha. Kher, Hope you feel better soon. Eye infection's the worst =(

~Ali: Lol. I still haven't reached that point :p

~Brok3n: Hahaha... So true! =D Even 2 minutes are too much for this Dinky Mind :P

Shukar hai!

Hamarii jaan aazaab main ki hui thi ! :P

Now solve it love =P .. ho jaye tu batana ;)

you feeling better now ?

~Huda: Lol. I'm glad you're in sukoon now :P

~Ubaid: Alhamdolillah. A lot better! Thank you so much =)

good to hear that... larki you need a template change :p

~Ubaid: And just yesterday I was searching for some new templates ;)

This cube is awesome. Go go go !

~AJ: Going, going, going :P

hey go to http://ricketyarts.blogspot.com you can request a template... and they'll get it for you...

(waisy that is my blog :$)

~Ubaid: ROFL. You're so good at marketing :P
Oh, and I forgot your mom's cake link. Was it flavors?

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