An Unexpected Lunch

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Around a million weeks ago, Ritz and I planned to go out for lunch with Jaj and Sana. But Jajo and Sana are two hell-busy women, and they aren't a big fan of Subway either, so our plan would flop every time Ritz and I would chime to go to Subway.

Today we had to pay our fee at Faysal Bank, Gulshan branch. After our classes (around 11:30 am), Ritz and I quickly left for the bank. On our way, we passed by Subway. And as usual I whined to have Subway. Before I could throw tantrums (while driving), Ritz assured me that on our way back, we'd surely have it. :D So, we went to the bank and got our work done in 10 minutes. Then we headed to Subway and ordered Chicken Tikka and Chicken BBQ sandwich. And we ordered it in Parmesan Oregano bread. Oh yum yummm yummmm. And we got it extra spicy (and without sliced tomatoes and cucumber :/) with extra yummy pickles and a very generous amont of sauces! [Heck! I'm feeling hungry again :/]. We ate it without uttering a word. Dayum! We were so hungry and were totally loving it. [Every time I eat a Subway, I say the same thing] :P

It's Chicken Teriyaki sandwich (shown above) is the bestttt! But next time, I'm gonna try the Roasted Chicken breast sandwich on the same Parmesan Oregano bread! Sssss.... I wanna go again to Subway... Right NOW!!!!

Okay, okay, okay. Back to the Subway now. Oh, and did I tell you it's so much fun to lick your sauce-dipped fingers? Yummm!!! :P Do try it someday. Just don't care who's watching you or not. Enjoy your food your way! ;) Oh, and after we had our heavenly scrumptious lunch, I dropped Ritz at her place and headed home. =D

Cheerio folks =)



Just a min ago i told my mom, Mom... I am hungry.

Than i came here, turned on my PC and here i am *naraz*
Okay i m going to go order something after i hit the post button here.

BiYA says:

BTW hamain bhi to jana tha madam.....now we will go together.....I love subway tooo..... its really yummy.

~JonyBr: Lol. So what did you order then? :P Was it as scrumptious as my lunch? :D
Oh, and your blog doesn't open araam se. What is with it? Always shows a "Page load errror" :/

~Biya: When the heck are you planning to come??? Come soon werna mein le ker nahi jaoungi :P

Gosh! You're making me hungry too! :P

~Siras: I so wanna go and have it again! =(

i love subway :D

oh my .. i'm the absolute Subway fan *_* the pickles and all those saladish stuff makes me crazy ... uff love you girl ... kiya yaad kara diyya :))

u r pakki paki my twin ;)

**gives a hug - ayweeen may **

~Ubaid: I still wonder why do people go to KFC and McDonald's :/

~Asma: I love the rich sauces they squeeze on it. Sssss... yum yum :D
*hugs back, aur bhee ziada aiwayein mei* :P

I love Subway but over here there is no HALAL so i have to eat only VEGGIE PATTY or tuna.

i will upload my new picture very soon. cya

aaaaannnnnnnn.. =(
I wanted to go to subway today toooo... but somebody turned me down as usual... cuz no body realizes the yummi-ness of SUBWAY...

A spicy Chicken Tikka n BBQ has no match if it is in the italian bread....

~AliBaba: Haye, veggie one sounds so dry and insipid :/

~Jingo bhaiyya: Lol @ the way you cried :D Try Parmesan Oregano bread next time. It's so so yummy.
And tension not, I've also got a few silly friends who don't like Subway :/ silly souls :/ Aisay logoun ki kami nahi :S

Chumpoo says:

i am not silly but I still don't like subway :P

However I would like to try things which you had. Pait tu nai kharab huwa? :D

~Chumpoo: Oh welcome back bhai sa'ab :P
You don't like Subway? :O Kyun kyun kyun?? I'm such a huge fan of Subway that if they ask me to shutdown KFC and McD, then probably I'd be the first one to support them vehemently. :D
Pait is all set, so tension nishta and go try it aaj he :P

Subway kha k your pait will never get kharab...
Dinky agar tum ka pait waqai kharab hai to ... get it checked bhyee!
Subway nae tumhara qusoor hai is mein =D

Nopsey, my tummy is all set Alhamdolillah. Subway kha ker to kharab tummies bhee set ho jati hein :D [Am I the marketing manager of Subway?] :P

Chumpoo says:

Dinky Akalay Akalay khao gi tu kharab hosakta hay :P

haan.. agar tum mujhe treat do tu Subway or anyway..sab khasakta houn. Zara invite karna ki koshish tu karo!!

~Chumpoo: Aap se guzarish hay ke aap yahan line maarney se guraiz karein [check my Urdu :P]
Aur btw, mein aap ko kis khushi mein treat doun, bhai sa'ab? :P Pehlay matric (or should I say Metric) to pass ker lein :D

Chumpoo The Great says:

dinky ki bachi daal daal kachi,tauba karo(jaldi se apna kaan zor se pakro!). koi behan ko line marta hay?????? :(

aj kal halaat theek nahi hain tu ami dur jana nai detin. University qareeb thi is liye engineering pahla pass karli. jaise halat theek hotay hain aur ami ijazat deti hain tu school se matric bhi karlo ga

~Chump..anzee :P : Lol. Kerli tauba :P
School ke qareeb he ghar le lia hota. Yu guys aren't good at planning :P

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