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Yesterday we had a photo session at the university, for the Graduates' Directory. And it took our whole day. I don't want to recall it, it was that horrible. We were at the uni around 8:30 am and had a photo shoot at 3 pm. Just imagine our faces - so maasi-like! :/ Plus, the audi's air-conditioning system was acting like a lame ***.

I've got this problem with me. I'm heck punctual. Or well, the max late I get is 10-15 minutes. And yesterday I had to wait for that silly photographer for 5 hours!!! I started having a severe headache. Argh!!! Ritz came late, around 11 am. Sana came late too, around 10:30 am. And I was so pissed at both of them. I had to spend 2 hours (8:30 - 10:30) with my other lame classmates. :/ Why do my silly friends wake up so late? :/

Oh, but the good part of the day was when I presented a box to my sssssilly friends - Ritz and Sana =) I had baked Rainbow cupcakes on Mother's Day for my Mommy dear, and saved these 2 heart-shaped pieces for my 2 stupid friends =) And I gave my Mommy a cutie flower-shaped piece :D She luhvs flowers, but when I took photos of these 2 hearts, she liked it too =) Thanks to my Shweet Daddy who bought these cutie moulds and the muffin tray for me. I miss you loads =(

Oh, and thanks to Leemz for the recipe. =) Luhv you for such a shweet recipe =)

Cheerio folks =)

PS: I hardly ate one cupcake. Bushi ate them all :(
PPS: I'm done with making 1/3 reports. And I feel so happy, I don't want to study anymore :D Hahaha. Prayers needed, cuz finals are starting from June 8th, and by May 25th, I have to submit 2 more reports and have to prepare for 2 presentations *faints* =(



oh cool ... waisey next time if you need any help in such matters bolay toh recipe ;) i can help a little check out what my mum bakes http://flavorsmakelife.blogspot.com .....

and oh by the way nice work .... =) !!

The picture looks wonderful, i m craving for it already :(

Oh And good luck for Exams.

oh wow! how lovely!
You Rock big time! thumbs up! (Y)

~Ubaid: Bolay to, thori bohat know-how hay apun ko baking shaking ki. So tension not, won't disturb you much :P And hey, nice blog ;)

~JonyBr: It was so soft and spongy, yum yum yummy :P
Thank you =)

~Leemz: Hehe. Thanks to you and your recipe, sweets =)

Such cutie cakes! I don't think I could have made myself eat such cute things! :P

oooh they look ubber scrumptious .. love this mould :D

All the best for exams ... show us uni book pics plz :P

"Just imagine our faces - so maasi-like! "

you don't need to classify yar...
we already know!!! =D

~Siras: Awww, thankoos =)

~Asma: Thanks to my shweet daddy who brought them =)
What are uni books? :P

~Jingoist: Nazar na lagay is liay likha tha :P hahaha

Mujhe tu kabhii kuch milta he nahi hai ..



Awww, cry not. Next time when I make them, I'd send you =)

but jis ko nazar lagee hu us ka kya karein =D

~Jingoist: To phir kia socha aap ne apney baaray mein? :P

Aww, that's so sweet of you =)

but how are you going to send em? .. *just wondering* ..

~Huda: I'd email you :P Or if you live in Karachi, you can come over my place. =)

LOL! email?
& no I don't live in karachii .. far far away .. the other end =( .. Toronto =)

Awww, then may be you can try making them in your kitchen ;)

Anonymous says:

they sure do look quite delicious..nice shoot btw:)

Thank you =) They were really yummy!!

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